Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July's Challenge

Finally, it's July, and there is no school to go to everyday, and I won't be exhausted at 8pm every night! Should be a time for rejoicing and finally getting onto my Art Room! But, alas, as happens EVERY year, it is a time of sadness (somethings missing), depression ("don't know what to do" she whines), and a creative block, as I sit at my chair in my art room,look around, and say "maybe I should sell all this stuff". BUT - it doesn't usually last for long. There was a challenge on my Altered Books Yahoo group to do some art, anything, everyday in July. So I am up for that challenge, and I'm declaring it today, July 1, (Happy Canada Day BTW!!), that I will do some art everyday in July and (try to) post everyday in July to show what I've done. I actually have made a list of things I want to do everyday this summer:


With Art at the top, it will be the first thing I do everyday, even if nothing else gets done!

So, to start, here is another (yes, this is REALLY my last one) violet and lime postcard:

It's hard to tell with the scan, but all the little dots are raised silver dots. I love this stuff!

I haven't posted any journal pages for awhile, so here are my last several pages:

The white piece on the right is a piece that Wanda sent , embossed using the same stencil she used for the ATC on the left. I know you can't see it, but it's there!

Not one of my favourite pages!

I love the colours on this page

This page was fun, I took a face from a magazine page and painted over it! The pink thing hanging down is Ron's hospital band.

Using my new Paper Artsy stamps! Also, using the colors from my new Color Postcards group -Salmon and Turquoise

again, using June's colors this time from my Colors Postcard Group -Violet and Lime. The dots are gold raised dots. like on my postcards.

So, there is my June 1st post. Don't expect this much everyday!! I will try to also post my Journal Pages this month as I finish each one.


Beth Akins said...

Beautiful art! I'm glad to know I am not the only one who looks at their art supplies and occasionally thinks they should sell them all and quit trying!
Keep up the creative work- it is lovely!

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

I LOVE your journal pages, Linda!!! They are TOO COOL!!! THANK YOU for sharing!!!!

Eastjewels said...

Linda your journaling is awesome, I have really gotten into journaling lately and I can tell you like it as much as I do. I really feel there is a new wave and it is some where between ABs and the old style journaling (where it was just writing and not much art) I really love your pages.
Linda (Okla)

Jane B. said...

Hi Linda - thank you for sharing your journal pages - I'm fascinated by journal pages myself, but I usually have a lapse of confidence in myself and I'm not sure that I'm doing it "right". Thank you also for your encouraging post on the AB list about different art paths - lovely work on you pages! Jane

Karen Campbell said...

I love your journal pages, Linda!

Art By Wanda said...

How cool to think about the things I sent you being in your journal!!! All your pages are wonderful!! I really need to start an art journal.