Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WOYWW #314

Wednesday again! Someday I hope to be able to write my blog more than once a week! But this keeps me blogging, so it's all good! To find out more about WOYWW just click HERE.

Today I have a truly messy desk! I will definitely have to clean up before I can make anything else:

I have been making I-CADS -index cards - following a challenge to make one a day. Doesn't give me much time to clean up! This is the I-CAD challenge:

I showed you days 1-2 last week, here are days 3-7:

Prompt: draw a map

Prompt: Mailbox (it was my kitten Inky's birthday!)

Prompt: Owls

Prompt: Taxi

Prompt: Periodic Table

I'm a bit behind, as I have yet to do one this week (busy busy!)

I thought I would share this tidbit with you:

I LOVE my Distress Inks, and I store them in these clear plastic trays that I got at Michael's as 3-D frames. I have 4 of these trays. On the bottom of each Ink Pad is a Distress blending pad matching that particular ink pad. I have them stuck on with the cheap sticky velcro dots front the dollar store (the only thing that seems to work!) As you can see in the lower right corner, I have an upside down pad, and the handle that the pads stick to. This is not an original idea - I picked it up from Aaron from Imperfectimpulses (find on You Tube), and he picked it up from someone else. I love this way of using the pads - everything is always clean. 

Well, thanks for looking, I am now off to look at YOUR workdesk! Remember - I LOVE your comments, they make my day! Thank you! 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

WOYWW #313

Today is Wednesday again, if you would like to know what WOYWW is, just go to Julia's blog to find out!

I have actually been pretty busy lately, as my messy desk can testify - time to do another cleaning up!

I've been sending out a few ATCs. you can see my ATC stamp on the table, and working on my journal - you can see my latest start, up top with the mouse pad on it - I hate it. I am not good with Dylusions sprays yet, they just don't work for me like they do Diane! I'm still searching for the perfect paper I think. The blue spray bled through the pages, and onto my previous journal page through gesso! AAAHHH! But I fixed it:

You can hardly see the blue anymore. This is in Donna Downey's journal, I like the inserts, they add some movement and mystery to the pages!

I have also joined a new challenge call I-CAD or Index card a Day, where we make one index card a day, following her prompts or not, doesn't matter. What it DOES do, is get me into my stamping room every day! It goes for 2 months. Here is my i-cad box:

And my i-cads so far:

Prompt: Chevron

 Prompt: Carnival

I chose to use the cards with the tabs because they are more sturdy than the regular index cards, and there are no lines. I'm writing on the back how I did the card.
Just one more thing - I received a beautiful postcard and ATC from a fellow WOYWWer, Diane. Diane,  yours was posted yesterday!

I love the crackles on the ATC! And all the layering on the postcard! Thanks so much Diane!

Thanks for visiting! And as always, your comments make my day!