Friday, August 19, 2005

My last page in this journal. I am going to try a Composition Book journal for the next one. I will have a bigger space which may or may not be good. The pages will also be more fragile. It will be interesting to see what new things I can do with it. Goodbye journal!

Again, the same credit card technique page as the previous page (they face each other). I like the way I did this, making 4 different spaces to write in. Didn't have much to say though, so I just blathered!

These eyes are so cool! This background was done with a credit card. I dripped yellow paint, then light green paint onto the paper, then scraped it off with a credit card. One of my favourite techniques!

I did the same thing on this page as the previous page, but used a different background stamp. I love the magazine cutout! I had given a workshop on Art Journals this day at a small stamping convention.

This page was done with acrylic paint with gel medium added to it, making it shiny. Then I stamped a script stamp all over, which takes away the paint, leaving a white image. I used a torn piece of paper to write on. The stamps are all stamps that I bought on sale at Michael's that day!

This background was made by wiping the paint with a baby wipe. I didn't really like it too much, and it smelled funny for awhile@ I drew my foot at one soccer game, and my bag at another. I think I uploaded these two pics before!

I was having a bad day. I sat down to write and my mind went totally blank. I looked through my clippings and found this "ideas" one. I needed some of these!!! My favourite birdie stamp across the middle (SU).

This is a stack of pictures I took at Caitlin's new place. This is a way to get lots of pictures in a small space. Each one flips up to show the next. The background is paste paper.

We spent Sunday at Ikea. They have these neat measuring tapes that I saved lots of! The drawing is of parsley and an orange peel left over from breakfast! I used paste paper for the background of this page and the next page.

We went to Toronto for the long weekend. I took a coupon folder full of stamped images that I had collected over the last 10 years or so. I used some while I was away.

This page has two photocopied newspaper articles in it, one is about the heat wave we've been having, and the record heat of 35 degrees celcius that was reached (I don't know what that is in F). Let's say really really hot! (For us anyway). I didn't really notice, since I was inside with AC all day, but the next morning it was 13 degrees C, a big drop!

This is the next page, I used the other half of the scrapbook paper to make a pocket to hold these little rubber stamped booklets that I found when cleaning my stamp room.

On this page I used a piece of scrapbook paper (no reason for choice, it was just there) torn in half. I used one piece for this page and one for the next. This was a page I didn't like, so I painted over it and started again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is the view from my front window, looking out to my porch and beyond to the road. I have a split rail fence that you can see a bit of. This was a big undertaking for me, and I'm happy with it! Played with a lot of dark colors for black-but still haven't achieved a nice black black. In the small spot where I needed it I used my marker. I used Danny's advice, and started drawing what was closest to me, the chair, then went out from there. It worked well! I think if I had done this before reading Danny's advice I would have started in the background. Don't know how to get the window to look like a window. Didn't wan't to do the 3 white lines thing. And it is very clean!

Friday, August 12, 2005

EDM #3-Draw a purse, wallet or bag I drew this at my daughter's soccer game last night -as it says around the picture, it's the only thing that isn't moving all the time! Someday I'll learn how to draw things that are constantly changing.

EDM#23 -draw your foot. I drew this while at my daughter's soccer game last week. I used a sepia pen.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My zucchini

EDM #26-draw a vegetable

I drew a zucchini that I bought at the market today. Not totally happy with it, but I guess it does look like a zucchini!