Tuesday, July 12, 2005

EDM #18 challenge-draw what you see out your window...this was a bus ride where the view kept changing, I just put in what I saw when I looked up each time-these were never all together in the same place! It was a very bumpy ride, a bit tricky when drawing and painting! I used the brushes with the reservoirs so I didn't need any water. But I did need paper towels which I forgot!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My grid page following Dawn's recipe, except I had to make fewer boxes, may pages are so narrow! My theme is "my spring garden", although it should be my summer garden, as it was summer by the time I planted it! Perhaps I'll do another one at the end of the summer.

The left side of the journal

The right side of the journal.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Everyday Matters Group challenge #2-the lamp that sits on my worktable. It is taller than it looks, I probably should have left off the base! The things are hanging from a magnetic clip, which is sticking to the edge of the lamp.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My daughter and I went to a local Craft Fair on Saturday. Beautiful sunny but not-too-hot day. We found a photographer who was absolutely brilliant! He does not use a computer to manipulate his photos, but it sure looks like he does. He's incredible, but we couldn't afford anything of his-too bad! Posted by Picasa

This was a play we went to. It was very funny, but also very hokey. The children were large puppets that were manipulated by the 3 actors. There were also baby puppets that looked like strange aliens! But it was fun, and that is the reason we go out, after all! Posted by Picasa

This was a pre-prepped page, playing with light and dark. I used the metal touch 3-D paint for the highlights of the circles. This was the day I went to our local art store and bought a few new pens and brushes. Posted by Picasa

Last day of school, a happy/sad day! We always have a big picnic at a local park with parents and kids. I really like the way this page turned out with the dry brushing on the top and bottom. Posted by Picasa

My daughter is back from Halifax. She had a great time! They stayed in residence at Dalhousie University, right downtown, only $60 for two nights for two people -can't get better than that! I love the yoga in the coffee cup -fits my daughter to a 'T"! I used a cheapie plastic stencil to do the dark letters. Posted by Picasa

The postcard my daughter sent from Halifax-we are big Dim Sum fans, and these are her favourite dumplings! I took the suggestion of someone on one of my Yahoo lists to punch holes, then slit the holes so they would fit over the spiral binding -worked beautifully! Posted by Picasa

My daughter is off to Halifax! Posted by Picasa

We celebrated Father's Day a day early by going out to dinner and to the movies. The receipt for dinner is in the folder, with what everyone ate that night. Posted by Picasa

Played with background stamps Posted by Picasa

This is the front of a card I made for a challenge. I really liked it so I put it in my journal. Posted by Picasa

This was a strange day...I had a real feeing of doom and gloom, but i thought it was from something I had done, turned out my co-teacher was in a car accident on the way to work. This is the first time I had put "premonition" feelings down on paper. She wasn't hurt badly, but was out of commission for the next 2 weeks. Posted by Picasa

This one turned out really neat, a picture from Harry Potter, then I put the mosaic head on it and continued the drawing. Fun! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

I like this page, did all the writing with sparkly gel pens, pretty much the only gel pens I have that actually work. I prepped a few pages with watercolors (just to experiment) and found that the paper got too wet, it took a long time to dry, and it ruined the pictures on the other side, which I had to replace. So I think I'll stick with acrylics. Posted by Picasa

This picture really shows how I felt this day, when I got new bi-focals. I had never had them before, always had progressives, thought I'd try them. Now I know. Never again! Posted by Picasa

We went to a play, and took these photos before it started. My daughter and her best friend, and me and my daughter.  Posted by Picasa

I love this mag photo of a cat. Looks a lot like my cat Penny! We have two cats, one is orange, the other is white, and absolutely nuts! Posted by Picasa

We went on a house tour in our area, where we get to visit about 8 houses. This was our favourite! Looks kind of boring outside, but it had leopard skin stairs, a piano room jsut big enough to hold a grand piano and not much else, with leopard wallpaper, an incredibly huge bedroom, and so much more! This was a very cool house! Posted by Picasa

My niece is in a cheese commercial, her face is plastered everywhere, and she's on TV. How cool is that? Posted by Picasa

I had an old magazine photo of Mick, and had just found out that he would be playing in Ottawa. Boy, if I'm old, he's really old!!! I colored the photocopy with chalk. Posted by Picasa

Here is the little file folder with the pictures of the soccer game! She is an awesome defence player! Posted by Picasa

My daughter's 19th birthday - they do grow up fast! The folder has pictures of her first soccer game this season.  Posted by Picasa

I cleaned out my purse, and had all these things leftover. Thought they'd make a neat journal page! Posted by Picasa

I've been pre-prepping and gluing down magazine photos ahead of time, then coming in later and journaling.  Posted by Picasa