Saturday, February 18, 2006

The colours I used on this page were from a challenge on one of my Yahoo groups. The moderator had 100 numbered colors, and we were to choose 3 numbers at random, then look to see what the colors were, and use them in a composition. Mine were lime green, ultramarine blue, and silver. I used the colors I had that were the closest to those colors. I made little worm like people with wings, very wierd! The page on the right used the same colors, but put onto the page with a credit card.

This is a neat page, I love the colours, and the use of the silver pen. Ingrid uses a lot of gel pens in her work, but I can't get them to work for me.The page on the right is from a magazine, it was a kind of striped fabric, I followed the lines of the fabric for my journalling.

I discovered a new artist that I love, Ingrid Dijikers, who has a wonderful website. She is alos on one of my Yahoo Groups. I played around with her style for a few pages. You never know, I may adopt some of this style! I also played around with Photoshop 7 to get the stylized photo of my daughter.

My birthday! I got a giant hole punch, which I experimented with to make a round window through several pages.

The tab turned to show 2006

An experimental page, using a shadow stamp and inks. Again I had a tab to use between the pages.

A neat page, Ancient Egypt on one side, modern technology on the other!

I love this page! I started with black gesso and added the yellow diamonds. Then I just fooled around in the spaces.

One of my favourite pages! I got "Spider Writers" for Christmas, that I used to do the "stitching" effect. This is a combo of mag pics, new stamps, and ATC I did for a swap, and journalling.

My daughter was filming over the holidays!

The other side of the film page

The other side of my Christmas page. There is a tab in the center made from ripping out pages, I inserted tags that I glued ribbons and other things onto You can flip it over and there is something else on the other side..

Friday, February 17, 2006

December 2005. I don't know why I chose this giant foot, it just seemed right at the time!

Christmas Spread 2005

This was the left half of my Christmas Day spread. I got some Twinkling H2O's, but they were the enhancer colours, so they really didn't show very well on my little grid! The ATC is one I made last year.

We went to see Dame Edna - she was hilarious!!!

My trip to Toronto in Nov 2005. I got to visit my daughter - the best part!

The other side of the page

A neat page with pictures of women from magazines

The rest of October

I got a new sheet of UM's that I'm playing with here!

The other side

This is part of my October photo grid filled with photos! Many of the days have several photos, it was too hard to choose just one!