Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back again. . .

I'm SO SORRY I have been neglecting my blog - well neglecting practically everything to be honest. Rarely get to my art nest (but hopefully that will change). Just kind of lost my art mojo, just not myself lately. Even made a journal page that looks like someone else entirely made it. Not going to post it! I think I will re-do it. My eyes are acting up, always tired, burning. My optometrist is sending me to the ophthalmologist at the hospital to get something drained from my left eye- can't come soon enough for me, but haven't heard from them yet. Both eyes feel funny.

But anyway, I did scan all my journal pages from the summer to now, so here they are:

 I don't think the Paris ATC is mine -probably got it from a swap
 -but it's so pretty I couldn't resist!

Thanks for being SO patient with me!