Saturday, April 09, 2011


Lovely April day, I'm recovering from a miserable Spring cold, so here I am at the computer instead of outside. Oh well, hopefully more of these days to come!

Here is a Stampscapes card I made for a swap on Stampscapes ll Yahoo Group, it was a "barnscapes" swap. I didn't have any barns, so I had to buy a few. I like this one! And I bought the scarecrow. I bought them at Angels Attic.

Last Sunday, I got to have an afternoon of stamping with my friend Marg,and I made these two tags, also for a swap, for my Art for the Creative Mind yahoo group. Marg made some bird tags too. We had a lot of fun!

Here are my latest journal pages, some are just background pages. I think it's neat to see how the page changes as it evolves! 

I am currently working on the angel page, so hopefully next week I will have these last 3 pages finished and ready to show you.

I discovered an Art Journalist named Traci Bunkers - I love her techniques and ideas she uses in her journals! I, of course, immediately bought her book, and have started using a few ideas. Then I went to her Etsy shop and bought a couple of stencils and some stamps. They haven't arrived yet, but I'm sure I'll use them when they do! That funny scallopy stamp at the bottom of the last journal page is an idea from her - it's one of those things you use when you paint your toenails to keep your toes apart! She also does little videos which I love watching. So I don't know how my pages will change with this new influence, but I find I'm like a Borg - I just keep assimilating every Art Journalist I come across that I like- watch out!! Resistance is futile!