Saturday, April 26, 2008

Altered Book Challenge

I am sending out weekly challenges on my Canadian Altered Book Yahoo Group, but I'm not getting much response. So I thought I would send out the challenges to you too, each week. Last week's Challenge was to use some kind of a flip on the page, either flipping up or out (sideways) with some kind of surprise beneath. Here is the page that I did in the House of Blues AB that I am working on:

I used a piece of denim for the background for the flip card.

Looking at it now, I think I need to add some more to it. It looks a little bare to me. Not sure what to add, but If I do I'll repost it.

This week's Challenge: Use a FOLDED PAGE in your layout. If you fold down from the top right, you will get a triangular pocket that you can put things into. If you ALSO fold UP from the bottom right, you will get a triangular page that will flip. If you fold two page, one from th left and one from the right, you can glue them together for a solid page with no seams. Add your pages as links in the comments so we can see what you have come up with!