Thursday, December 19, 2013

WOYWW Dec 19

Hello all of you in the middle of Christmas Frenzy! I did manage to get a few cards out this year, but the 3 I have left will probably have to wait until next year! It never fails, no matter how busy or not busy I am, Christmas always sneaks up on me!  I'm working on my daughter's present (Caitlin - if you are reading this - STOP!)
which will probably take me until the very minute she shows up at my door on Monday! So here's what's on my desk this morning:

My new Project Life Box from Michaels

The inside, full of smaller boxes, some from Michael's, some from the Dollar Store. When I bought the ones from the Dollar Store, I thought I would be able to take all the insides out. But I can't, so they will be used for bits and pieces.

The Michael's boxes are perfect to hold both sizes of cards.

We also got a new KITTEN! I know, what a silly time to get a kitten, with the tree and all, but I fell in love, what can you do? And she's hardly noticed the tree, so I think we're good. The story behind this kitten is that she was found inside a box, in the rain, with another kitten, thrown away. So sad! BUT the twist is, that when I was about 10 and at Summer Camp, I found a kitten tied up in a box, and thrown in the woods. Of course, I adopted her - my first cat (of many!) BOTH of the kittens, past and present, were pure black. So now I have a new "Inky" (the name of my first cat) and I'm sure we'll both grow old together!

Inky #2

Inky #1, me at 12

Well, that's all for me! Next Wednesday is Christmas! We'll all have to share any crafting things Santa brought us!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blast From the Past - 2007 to be exact!

When I was putting up my decorations around the house I found this Fatbook from 2007! ByHand artists are from a Yahoo Group that I belong to, connected to this wonderful website: Quietfire Design

Here are all the wonderful pages!

This one is mine! The circle turns!

If anyone who made one of these pages would like to be identified, please let me know and I will add your name! Some people don't want to be identified so I left off the names. I have a few more blasts from the pasts to share another day!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Here it is, another Wednesday. I missed last Wednesday due to computer troubles (NEVER install something that is not exactly from where it should be from - I installed the 1st version of Firefox that I saw, and was infected with over 2000 malware. $90 later, they are all gone. Be aware is my message!)

So here is what my craft room looked like this morning:
 The big box is my new Project Life storage box. 
The cards on top are drying. 

 I like using a telephone book as my scrap paper. I spent last night making 5 new Christmas cards. Actually my first Christmas cards of the season. Maybe I'll make some more before Christmas!

 The card I made. 
I got a new scallop circle punch from Michael's at 50% off, so I wanted to use it.

Have a great week!