Saturday, August 25, 2007

August Mingle page

This 4X4 page was done for the Byhand Yahoo group ongoing "This 'N That Mingle". This month I chose "Less Salt More Herbs" day, August 29th.

I used a photo of a saltshaker form the internet, a Margerita Colour Mist for the background, and Stampin' Up stamps. There is kosher salt glued onto the salt shaker and oregano glued onto the herb shaker. The back gives herb names and what they are used for.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I apologise for the absence this past month, Summer is busier than I thought it would be! A lot of my creative efforts have been spent on making things for my classroom. I also have some journal pages to upload at some point, but I have a friend visiting, Therese from "Art- just do it!" , and we have spent the last two days playing. It's been awhile since I've just played! So we made some ATC's for a swap on Byhand - the theme is green or seaside. I had picked up a few Chapel Road stamps at a local stamp convention in Bancroft (Stampfest) and so I thought I would try those.

The green paper I chose was a bit too green for me so I changed the colour on the next two by spritzing with colourgreen and yellow mist, then for my last ATC I went with Bazill paper. I also picked up the swirls from Stampfest as well, called "Spiral Symphony" from gel-a-tins stamps . The ums come in a neat little tin box.

And the last one was on Bazill:

Therese brought a very cool idea of how to make a Brag Book from those clear plastic badge holders you can get from Wal-Mart or Staples. We found that ATCs fit perfectly in these holders, so I made an ATC book to hold ten ATCs so that we can see front and back, or 20 ACTs just the fronts. I made the covers from the coasters I bought awhile ago, decorated the front and back of both covers, then put it together using plastic slide ties that I bought at the Dollar Store.

Therese also brought stuff to make the "dangly" and we played with stamping on wooden bits and game pieces, then pieced them together with beads and wire. I attached mine to the top of my book with a cream coloured safety pin. We also discovered that Crop-o-dile will poke holes in practically anything!

Here is the inside of the book:

And the back:

The swirl stamps on the book are from Michelle Ward. The picture on the back is from Altered Pages. That's all for now! I'll add a few journal pages soon.