Saturday, February 19, 2005

This is the inside of my Mother's Birthday Card Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

This is the first page of my Angel Book, an altered 3-year pocket calendar. A friend started the theme by altering the cover with the words "Angel of Luck" so i thought I would continue with that. The angel stamp is Magenta. The woven music paper is scrapbook paper distressed with brown dye ink. The girl is from Altered Pages as is the tag. The wings are from a butterfly postcard. I will continue on in this book with an "Angel of" theme. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 05, 2005

This is my ATC for the Byhandartists Valentine Mingle. I used a transparency from of a strawberry dipped in chocolate. The "amour" stamp is from Magenta. Posted by Hello

This is the booklet opened on the front side of the tip-in Posted by Hello

These are the cookies pulled from the money envelope. Posted by Hello

This is the actual side 2 that I used for the swap. I used a fireworks stamp and embossed in silver, and a confetti stamp and embossed in a glitter red. The money envelopes were bought in Chinatown in Toronto. The cookies pull ot. Posted by Hello

This page faces my tip in in my Golden Book. It is a reminder for me of what I did on the back of my real swap pages. Each cookie pulls out with a fortune, and has a (stamped) coin glued to the end. The fortunes were sent to me a long time ago, and I had saved them for the "perfect" project!  Posted by Hello

This is side 2 of my protoype. I painted the page red, and computer generated the words and the recipe. I stamped the cookies, and computer generated the sayings that come out when you pull on the cookies. The postage stamp is a Hero Arts stamp of the Wall of China. I decided not to use this as part of my swap, and did something different on the back of my swap pages. Posted by Hello

This is the prototype I made for an altered book tip in swap. The theme is Chinese New Year. I have tipped this one into my Golden Book. I used the recent Canadian Chinese New Year stamp as the focal point. I painted the page with yellow paint, and stamped the green roosters on the side (Old Island). The booklet was stamped with a chinese words background and edged in gold. All the other words are computer generated, as well as the wheel. This is exactly what I made for the swap pages, but I added the coins at the bottom for my own book. Posted by Hello

This is my grid for February. I used post it notes to make the spaces and DTP with blue ink. I used stamps for the dates and month. The corners were scraps of papers that I had cut from an altered book I was making. Posted by Hello