Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 28-29

Let my worries go. . .!

Childhood memory of eating loquats from the tree, when I was a child. My brother and I built a treehouse next to a loquat tree, and made a hole in the roof to drop the loquats through! I've haven't had one since that house.

July 26-27

The butterflies are from Altered Pages

If I could whatever I wanted, I could easily live on wine, cheese, french bread and olives!

It was a heartbreaking day when my Dad died in 2001, on the first day of summer

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Altered Book Page

Finally, something other than a journal page!! This AB page was made with an ATC from Judy in my ABCanada group. A group of us swapped ATCs and we made AB pages from the one we received. The theme was 'Birds". This ATC page took awhile to formulate in my mind. I knew I wanted a quote, but couldn't find one I liked. I originally had another idea for the page, but once the page was painted it didn't go with my idea. The stamp I used popped into my head this as the perfect stamp to go with the owl, but I couldn't remember where it was (It's a Meer Image UM, I believe). When I found it and stamped it , the moon was lost in the darkness of the page, so I tediously colored in the moon with a Sakura white gel pen. I ran to the computer, knowing there has to be a good owl/moon quote somewhere, and I found it right away! So the page is born!

July 24-25

I have had this image of the horse and the jockey taking a bath for a long time - I never had the occasion to use it! It is one of my favourite images! The beauty on the left is from Altered Pages.

I am terrible, I haven't touched my long hair more than a few times in the last 40 years. But my GM had long hair, my Mom has long hair, so it seems to run in the family! I usually wear it in a ponytail.
Was very excited to see the new Harry Potter! Can't wait for the DVD so I can watch it agin.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 22-23

This page is in honour of my friend Therese who is always sending me little surprises in the mail!

I love black and purple! Images from Altered Pages

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 20-21

I wish I could drive myself to places far away, I have a fear of driving long distances - even as a passenger. I will be a passenger, but I'm on edge most of the way. My friend Marg drives to Florida and back every year, I 'm always amazed with her fearlessness! I would love to go off to conventions and classes but thet are always so far away. Someday I will pick up the courage to do it!

Every Tuesday (and Thursday) I have lunch with my Mom. It's an oasis in the day for both of us, and we look forward to those two days every week! I did some gel pen doodling around the peas and avocado, but you can't really see it in the scan. It really pops in real life!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 14-19

Some more pages! I can't believe I've actually gotten a page a day done! This is amazing for me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 10-13

here are my latest journal pages

The green border is a stamp I made with bits of unmounted stamps that I had cut off.

The ticket stub is from the new Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies. I can't remember where the mad hatter came from, but it was on a collage sheet with the "poison" sign

The woman's body is not checkered, it just scanned like that! The butterflies are a transparency from Altered Pages

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 8 and 9 pages

Two more pages - at this rate my comp book will be full by August!

I used punchinella to make the black grungy dots

I do love this page! I used Tim Holtz Stencil, tapped over it with a
white paint dauber. Love those things! My favorite group is a Goth Rock
group called Within Temptation. Never would have thought a 55 year old
would be into Goth Rock! Maybe I'm reliving my childhood,
maybe I would dress all in black and dye my hair if I were 14 again. . .LOL!
I've also been using Distress ink on the edges of my
background papers - and adding swirls-I love the look!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July 6-7 pages

Here are my pages for July 6 & 7

I used a Tim Holtz mask, first I sprayed with a mister colour, but it didn't work well, I got a lot of seepage under the mask -too watery, i dried it off and repositioned the mask and used my black paint dauber. I like how it all turned out!

This isn't one of my favourites. I need some new magazines
to cut up, I'm very tired of all the images I don't use!
But I do like highlighting certain words by printing the word on
another scrap of paper.

Monday, July 06, 2009

July 4 & 5 pages

Two more pages from my Comp Journal-

July 4 prompt was to tell about a trip taken with family of or loved one

July 5th prompt was what would you do to be a tourist in your own town?

I also have my Bird ATC for my AB Canada group, we send another person the ATC and they create an altered book page with it.

This one is dark, kind of Poe-ish, with a diamond for an eye

Saturday, July 04, 2009

I Got an Award!

Michi from "Michi Rhymes with Peachy" has bestowed upon me the
"Honest Scrap Award"!

Thanks for thinking of me Michi! I'm not sure what "honest scrap" means, as I am not a scrapbooker, but I'll take it anyway! Michi said she loves my blog, so that's where I'll go with it too. I have to choose 7 more people to give the award to, as well as tell 10 things about myself. Here goes:

1-I have the summer off of work to play play play!

2-I have 2 cats

3-I spend way too much time on the computer!

4-I like to play computer games AND I cheat a lot!

5-Coronation Street is the only "soap" I watch (and my dh does too!)

6-My garden is the pitts becasue I have no sun, AND I don't like to putter in the garden. I like prennials that I can plant and forget. I have lots of Hostas! But I DO like to sit in the garden and read, and listen to the birds.

7-reading is my favourite pastime besides art. My favourite authors at the present are Dean Koontz and Alexander McCall Smith. My mission is to read all their books. Eventually. (And they've both written A LOT of them!)

8-I've lost 82 pounds since 2007 (Atkins)

9-my mother and my daughter are my 2 best friends

10-I love to stamp, journal, make ATCs and Altered Books. I want to get into bookmaking as well, and make my own journals. Maybe this summer, if I don't run out of time!

I hereby nominate the following bloggers for the "Honest Scrap Award" because I love looking at their blogs on a regular basis! So, CONGRATULATIONS!

1.Art-Just Do It! My good friend Therese is always giving me great card-making ideas. Maybe she'll make a book with me this summer!

2-Art From The Attic Very cool blog with lots of great ideas. I love all the things she does with beading, especially!

3-Creative Expressions Lovely work, lots of great ideas!

4-Kelly Kilmer -I love Kelly's journal pages!

5-Red Velvet -I just recently discovered this wonderful blog!

6- Neith's Crafty Creations -Neith is a scrapbooker and cardmaker, and she uses the Club Scrap products. I always enjoy seeing what she has created with them!

7-Orly Avineri's Blog -another cool blog of art journal pages

Friday, July 03, 2009

July 2 & 3 journal pages

Two pages today: July 2 prompt was do you remember getting your license?

July 3 prompt was what do you need in the mornings to get you going?

I left the left side blank to fill in at the end of the day.
Stamps by Tim Holtz.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 1 page

Since I am trying to make 1 page a day in July, I will probably be posting it everyday! I'm in Kelly Kilmers Journaling group, and she has given prompts for paint, collage and subject. Today's subject prompt was what are you wearing, and what do you like to wear the most?

Kelly's prompts are for a single page, but since I like to do 2 page layouts, I will do the right side as per her prompts, and the left side will be a complimentary page with personal journaling on it. So I matched the top right and bottom left layering of background paper, and continued the diamonds from the paper on the right. The man in the photo is David Navaronne, I've always thought he was incredibly sexy!! Could almost be Johnny Depp! Those eyes! I've done a bit more journaling on the left side since this was scanned.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Journal Cover

Here is the cover for my new Composition Journal. I'm trying something fun this month, I joined a journaling class with Kelly Kilmer. I'm looking forward to starting today! My last journal lasted 2 1/2 years, but I certainly didn't journal daily. This one may not last quite as long (if I keep it up everyday that is!)

Rolodex Swap

I have finished my cards for the Byhand Rolodex Quotes Swap. I did it in "serendipity" style. I know there's a new name for this, but I can't remember what it is! I decorated a page, then cut out the Rolodex shapes from it, then added my quote and extras. So they are all the same, but all different!

I used Ranger distress inks, Hero Arts script, Stamper's Anon. and gel.a.tins "Spiral Symphony" (one of my favorite set of stamps). I generated the quote on the computer, and the raised dots are all Pebeo Metal Touch. The hearts and stars are all grunge paper shapes by Ranger.