Friday, February 24, 2012

February, but feels like Spring!!

Sorry I take so long between posts. I always feel I should have a bunch of stuff to post, but really I could post with fewer things! just have to DO it!! The weather today is amazing - warm, sunny, and smells like Spring. I hope it stays this way! Saturday we had the most beautiful snowfall, lovely large flakes gently falling and sticking to the trees in clumps - so pretty! I was already thinking about how I was going to put that in my journal!

I'm going to go backwards with my journal pages, this first one is really the last page in my moleskine book, luckily I have another one in the wings waiting to go! I think this page is my favorite one though. It started out horribly! I tried to stencil a bird and a birdcage on it, then realized it was upside down! Darn! So I sprayed it with black glimmer mist, and used a lot to cover it all up. Let it dry, and realized it had seeped onto some of my other pages (to come).

Then I thought I'd stencil it with white gesso using a credit card, but it was horrible. Thus the smeared white. I found an Altered Pages image I liked, plopped that on, and the rest just came. I love the trees, because that is just what they looked like during the snowfall on Saturday!

OK, less chatter and more journal pages! I've smudged anything private, so don't hesitate to enlarge!

Stamps from Altered Pages
Funnily enough, I didn't like the green around my men, and the seepage from the black spray fixed it for me! I like it now!


new stamps from Michael's (Hampton Arts)

my oldest cat died. Very sad, but it was her time.

new $1.50 stamps from Michael's

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Springlike day like I am! BTW, take a trip to Altered Pages - they have lots of new stuff!