Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

How many observed "Earth Hour" last night from 8-9 o'clock? The idea was to promote awareness for our earth by reducing the power we use for one hour. Some cities, such as Toronto, made a huge deal of it! We did our part with a candlelight dinner and a game of "Myth Busters"!

My Winnings!

A few weeks ago I won some Blog Candy from Wanda Hentges blog, and a huge package arrived a few days ago! It was chock full of fun stuff to play with. Just what I needed! Thanks Wanda!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring-I wish it would come!

I haven't posted for a long while, let's call it the Winter Blues. . .

But here is the Easter card I made for my DH!

I can't wait for Spring to really show up. I'm SO SICK of SNOW!!!! And apparently we are not through yet. . . I have plans to take a photo for every day in April, of the same view, to watch Spring come in.

In the meantime, I have made lots of Journal Pages for Feb and March, so here they are:

This page above was inspired by a blog called
Although I enjoyed making hte page, it took a long time! I have kept some of the ideas for my next pages. One of which is to use a coloured pencil (watercolour pencils work nicely because they are so soft) to colour over my lines to tone them down, and fuzz them a bit. First I use white, then a simailar colour to the background. Also colouring around the images is a nice effect.

Valentines Day is usually a big deal in out house, I always get a dozen roses, plus a mushy card. this time I got the roses, but due to work, DH couldn't get out to get the card. So Valentines Day morning, a whole bunch of Pirate cards (he knows I love Johnny) were strewn around the house!
Now that's mushy!

A little bit of ThriftyCollage Artist here! I like my new border stamps from Michael's - a set of 9 for around 8$ -great buy!

I really like this page, kind of a Renaissance quality to it. I used a homemade stamp around the border - just bits of rubber I had cut off unmounted stamps and glued to a Jenga Block! Stamped with copper paint.

I was thinking that St. Pat's day might fall on this page, but it didn't. Oh well!

This page has all the stamps I bought at the stamp store in toronto (on Bloor St W). DH chose the angel, and the ledger page. He makes good choices! He also paid for everything-nice Easter present! Thanks DH!! I really liked the ledger flag-border, so I used it on my Easter card for him!