Sunday, February 06, 2011


Yesterday was my 5th Blogiversary. I can't believe it's only been 5 years, it feels much longer! Someday I will have a celebration, but this year I was sick.
    So far, I've been sick all of February. OK, so it's only Feb 6th, but what a way to start the month! I stayed home from work 3 of those days, and 2 were the weekend, so only 1 working sick day. I hope I'm up to going back tomorrow! Now Ron is sick.

Anyway, felt better today so was able to get some art done. An ATC swap for AFTCM called "Hands of Time". I like them both!

Last month I made a kit for Altered Pages, but I hadn't put it on my blog yet. Since it's been on the site for awhile now, I thought I'd post it. I made it from a wooden box my mother gave to me that she found in a second hand shop. I had some sheet music I was supposed to used on a project from AP, called "Song of India". I was all set to do a cool Indian box, until I researched the music and found what the story was. Not at all what  thought! It was about an under-the-sea wedding!

 The box was fun to make, I'll have to make a book someday to go inside.

Thanks for looking!