Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Journal Pages

Here are some more journal pages, starting the 1st of November. I did watch Teesha's videos, so there is some Teesha Moore influence - and I like it! I do seem to be making the collage pages faster than I can journal, they are so relaxing at the end of the day! I have two pages ready to journal right now, and I'm only half-way through journaling the page I'm on now. The solution is to use more quotes in my journaling to take up a lot of space at one time. That should work! Better than not doing the collages until I catch up! Anyway, here they are:

I printed out all of Nancy's Crowabout pages so I would have lots to play with,
so most if not all of these images are from those collage pages. The bird is a stamp. The
bottom edge of leaves is something I made using photos of the leaves in our front yard.

I was visiting my DD, and the girl's body reminded me of her, so I used it.
When I showed this page to her, she was actually wearing those pants,
and had worn those exact shoes that day! These images are from Nancy's sheets,
except the girl's face and the stamped edges and swirls.

One of my fav pages, and DD's as well! She loved the Mucha girl. Again, most images are from Nancy except for the Mucha Girl and the stamped leaves.

I finished the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory. I generally like this page, except for the Martha Stewart letters. Don't waste your money, luckily these were on sale, but I could have done the lettering better by hand. They were horrible! The images are of the real people, Anne, Mary, Henry and Katherine, and the letter is a real letter from Henry to Anne (totally unreadable though!)!
I loved the book, and will probably read more of the series!

My "fun" reading! My DD got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse books
(from True Blood) and this one is the 3rd one. Quick reading, and fun. I'm now reading
the 4th one, so a new page is imminent! I thought I would just use the cover art since
I liked it so much, and collaged around it. Most of the collaged edges are from Nancy,
except for Elvis I think. Don't read the page if you want to read the book!