Saturday, November 19, 2011

November already!

Boy, time is flying by. I'm not getting much done, barely started thinking about Christmas, but everyone else seems to be - it was so busy today at the stores! Working on a few journal pages that I can share anyway. . .

 I thought this background was done. . .

but then I started doodling!

This is the next page background, the writing isn't quite done yet, and I have one more page on the go. 
Not much to show, but then I haven't been working on it much, either too tired at the end of the day or too busy on the weekends. But I'm trying to get a few minutes in before I go to work, and a few minutes in just before bed (but that doesn't last long, I'm no good at night). I'm also trying to get into my art room before I do the things I HAVE to do!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends! Hope your Turkey / Tofurkey Day is a delicious one!