Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got to spend the day...

in my jammies doin' art! What fun! I finished my Architecture Accordion ATC, and had so much fun figuring it out! Another one  wish I could keep! This is for my AFTCM group.

 All the little doors open, and there are surprises inside!

 This next swap was for the same group, it was a Torso Tag Swap, with the theme of "Witching Hour"

 I got carried away and put a head on my torso. . .

Both of these use napkins as the background

I am now working on my Domino Swap, this one is lots of fun too. I love how these projects change and evolve from the first thought in my head to the end. Crazy! I also need to do my Halloween Paper Doll, and my Stampscapes card. Not to mention all my school work. . .Busy busy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Once Again. . .

life gets in the way! I've been really busy with school, and finally had a little bit of time to play! I've finished a few swaps for one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to -Art For The Creative Mind.

First, the Bleach Technique Tag. I really liked this one! The bleach worked well on the cardstock that I chose, and I bleached the edges. The images are from Altered Pages.

I received two lovely bleach tags from Jeannie M:

 The little bird on the right hand tag is popped up - very cute!

Do you remember the arch I was working on a few posts ago? With the napkin background? Here it is finished:

I think it is now residing in Niagara on the Lake, perhaps a great reason to visit!

This is the arch I received from Ruth W. The front is a little hard to see in the scan, but it has real (I think!) leaves coming off the top, and some glitter on her wings and the butterfly. The back has a very cool pattern on it. This on is different because it is done on a piece of foam board (just now gave me an awesome idea! Wow! But you'll have to wait for it!)

This ATC swap wanted a napkin background, and was called "I Hear A Symphony". These are what I came up with:

Beethoven's Ninth!

Instruments in a Symphony
Both types of napkins came from the dollar store. Be wary though - they only had a pattern on the front quarter-the rest were folded under and white!
Now these I just mailed this week. The first is a Black-Brown-Cream Card Swap:

 I think I have all 3 colors on the front, but there is a cream piece inside, so I'm definitely covered! Chance to use my new Tim Holtz embossing folder!

The next is my Matchbox Shrine. This is called "A Tribute to Boyhood":

The paper on the matchbox came from my new Tim Holtz scrapbook paper book from Micheal's - I love it!
The little boy image came from Altered Pages.
I hope my swap partners like them!

Enough for now! Coming up. . . Torso Tags called "Witching Hour" and a Domino Book!