Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WOYWW #337

Another week has flown by! Time to see what everyone has been working on! If you don't know what WOYWW is, just click on the paisley square on my sidebar!

Here is my desk this morning:
I was making Christmas cards yesterday (finally!) and needed to weigh one down to dry, which is the stack of stamps and gesso you see!

Here is the card:

You can't see it in the photo, but the white background part of this photo is embossed Swiss Dots, so it needed the night of drying for the image to stick to all the tiny dots!

Here are my cards so far. Sometimes I choose one to mass produce, so I don't have to make a different card for every person. Which one would you choose? (click on the photo to enlarge)

Here is my finished journal page for this week, such a sad ending to the week.

I have detailed the Paris attack under the flap. In the circles I have put a Dalai Lama quote:"Don't pray for the people of Paris, pray for peace in the world" In other words, focus our energy on the positive (peace) and not on the negative (ISIS). But our hearts still go out to the people of Paris who had to suffer through this terrible attack. Pray for Peace.

Here is my new journal page, ready for writing on.

I love this little detail stamp!

I find it very interesting how when I make these journal pages at least a week ahead of time, they seem to be just the page I need on that particular week, For example, when I made the flap on my last journal page I had no idea what I was going to put there. But then Paris happened, and that was the obvious place to journal that horrible night.  

Thanks for looking, I appreciate any and all comments! Don't forget to vote for you favorite card! I will need to choose one to mass produce! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WOYWW #336

Another Wednesday! I have the day off today, wonderful that I can catch up on bloggy things! To find out more about WOYWW just click on the paisley button on the the sidebar!

This is my desk this morning - just working on my journal, writing my daily "stuff" - very boring! But my cat Inky likes to come and sit right on top of it! I think she's trying to send me a message. . .

I finished my next background page for my journal - started writing on it today

It has a flap for secret writing! Not that I have any secrets to write at the moment - we'll see how I use it! I used a cloth doily as a stencil in another journal, ripped it out and used it on this page!

Next I need to start on my Christmas cards - you heard right - start!! None done so far!

Must get back to life, thanks for looking! Remember - comments make my day! I appreciate each and every one!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

WOYW #335

I've been away for quite awhile - I got a new job! It has been a bit of a juggle with new job which has crazy hours, my online business, keeping house, and making art. For some reason art seems to come as a reward for doing all those other things! I'm winding down my online business, but hat housework keeps on going! Work is fun and challenging, and I'm getting lots of exercise, and it doesn't come home with me like owning my own business did! So I want to get MORE involved with my art.

Here is my desk today - I actually got a bit of a shock when I went to photograph it today! It's very rarely this clean!

I was keeping my journal up until my crazy hours happened, then I picked it up again just last Monday. I did have lots of morning "zen" time to do zentangles, but no more, so my journaling will change. But here are the last of the zen pages:

I also just finished a commitment to an online Yahoo group I am on. More on that next time!

Thanks for looking! I appreciate all your lovely comments!