Sunday, October 02, 2005

some more pics of the storm. Our willow has a branch that literally twisted in the wind, tore itself vertically, then twisted back again when the storm was over, leaving a big gash. I went to the beach and found three giant poplars lying on the ground.

close-up-you can see the branches covering the walkway to the house. Could have been a lot worse!

We had our own windstorm here on Wednesday night and Thursday. Winds hit 83 km/hr (the Katrina winds hit 285km/hr). 83km/hr was enough to break large branches from trees, uproot some trees, and knock down power lines. Two cars were hit while people were driving, but no injuries. We kept our power and all our trees, minus some branches.

This is the whole layout

My newest idea - a month in pictures. I will take a photo each day of October and fill the squares. I will need to finish this page on another page because there aren't enough squares! But I didn't want them to be too small. So I just have Oct 1st so far, a beautiful day, so I took a picture of the lake, and a tall ship in the distance.There is a pic of my Mom beneath this one because I had lunch with her that day!

I had some fun with neat printing on this page. Some of it is upside down, some of the journalling is backwards too!

We were invited to a wedding dance. We hadn't been to a wedding in years! It was my ex-husband's family, so it was fun seeing everyone again!

I started to cut out a few pages so the book wouldn't get too fat. An opportunity to stick things in as well, so I put in a postcard we found at Ikea.

The collage page. The "rain" word was actaully "brain"! The man looking scared was the only "scared" picture I could find.

I tried to paint the hurricane, I guess it kind of looks like a hurricane! The pages were already red when I got to this page, so that helped.

Hurricane Rita hits. Thankfully people evacuated and the damage was not as bad as Katrina. I wanted to do a collage, but getting appropriate pictures form fashion mags was hard!!

right side

Another layout experiment. I used a big block stamp and just journalled in the blocks. I was feeling very down and frustrated at this time, but I'm better now!

Close-up of right side

Close-up of left side

This layout turned out rather interesting! I had a bright yellow background and I taped it off with green tape, then filled in the spaces with the brown. Pulled off the tape and decorated the stripes.

Another Journal prompt.

Hurricane Katrina was such a devastating hurricane, I was glued to the tube for days. I can't imagine what it must have been like. This was done in the early days before all the deaths were discovered.

A new stamp I bought on this page!

Used my new turquoise paint that I bought for the collage I did for my daughter. Feeling a bit poor right now, thus the money picture!

The other side of the Evian page. I love this Budda statue!

This page was hard to write on because it was done with Lumiere paint. I ended up using a silver sharpie, that was all that would work. Evian is my favourite water! I am tending to use up all extra paint from other projects in my journal. I just find some blank pages and slop on the paint 'till it's gone!

I went to an art festival and bought a box of Journalling Starters. So when I'm stuck I will choose one and do a page on it. This was my first one.

Experimenting with my brayer and Kaliedescope colors.

Closeup. I used my travel stamps because I like them so much!

This was a layout I saw in another post. I think the next time i do this layout I will make the center larger.

First page!

This is the cover for my new Composition Book Journal. I've never used a comp book as a journal before, so this is all new! Much bigger pages to work on than I'm used to.