Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Canvas

I made a Valentine Canvas for Altered Pages, and it's on their site (here) as a kit! There are lots of awesome collage pages here, as well as stamps, papers and lots more! Come take a look!

I made this canvas because I had a canvas that I made a few years ago that I didn't like, and it was just sitting around. I had a brainstorm one night as to what to do with it, and I came up with this:

It will probably be a Valentines gift for hubby! I painted over the canvas, and you can see some of the previous design coming through the paint, which is awesome! If you buy the kit you get everything you need to make it, including the (new) canvas! You could always do a quick collage on the new canvas, then just paint over it to let the design come through.  

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some journal pages...

I now have 4 journals on the go - my Moleskine, my daughter's travel journal to make for her, my large art journal, and my journal that I'm hoping to use for my Kelly Kilmer class that I haven't started yet. My idea for going back to the Moleskine journal for everyday was that it was small, and I could prepare it easily to work on everyday for a week on each double page. At first I wanted it to be more private, and I wasn't going to post it, but it's so much fun I have to. So I took photos rather than scan it so that (hopefully) no one can actually read the words. Here goes:

This was when I started back into my Moleskine in November. It was also the first day we had snow which was gone by the afternoon! The next day that we had enough snow to stay was last Friday!

 Got out my Christmas stamps which I hadn't used at all yet because I hadn't made any Christmas cards yet!
 More Christmas stamps. First I scribble neo-colors (watercolor crayons) all over the page, then wipe with a baby-wipe. This smooths the background color out. I do this for the next 2 or 3 pages, not really worrying about which colors I'm choosing, although for December I did choose "Christmasy" colors.
 For this page I scribble dark red around the edges, then pulled the color into the middle. The envelope is from a swap I was in with the Byhand artists group, a 12 days of Christmas Swap. The envelope was from the 1st day of Christmas giftie.
 This next page I did in green and red stripes. It was AWFUL and I hated it, and wondered what the heck I was going to do with it. I decided to showcase the 12 days of Christmas swap gifties and I had 2 different circular shaped "shapes', not doilies exactly, just some shapes I had bought a few months ago thinking to use them as stencils, which is what I did. I sprayed over them with Maya Mist red, and I loved the effect! Then I spent my TV watching evenings doodling away, making each shape different, and used my 12 Days of Christmas stamps for each spot. I added anything like tags etc. that came from the gifties as well.I'm also using my Bienfang watercolor pens to color in the stamps.
 This page was better with the green on the border and red inside.

Gifties 7-10-I remade the ugly page to match the other one, and have made each circular shape different by the way I doodled them.

 These are the Character construction stamps my daughter gave me for Christmas. I had pre-stamped this page, not knowing what would go in the banner yet, but as it worked out, it was New Years Day at that spot!
I needed more 2 pages for my 12 days gifties so I remade the same ugly pages as before. More character construction stamps that CJs boyfriend gave to me! So lucky that he lives near Bizzy Bee stamp store! I used these stamps to make a birthday card for my step-father.

So that's it for today! Don't forget to stop by Altered Pages to what what new goodies they have! They now have LOTS more than just collage images!