Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WOYWW #455

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

Hello everyone! Today's post will be short and sweet, as I have done absolutely nothing all week. I had my root canal on Thursday, and while the procedure itself was OK (the worst part being all the needles to freeze me), the recovery was horrible and long. I had quite possibly the worst night of my life as far as pain goes on Thursday night, and the pain was still intense (despite the drugs, that seemed to do nothing at all) on Friday and Saturday, living off of applesauce and yogurt. By Sunday I was finally able to eat soft solids, such as noodles, and by Monday I felt almost normal again, and hubby took me out to lunch to celebrate that I could eat again. The pain is mostly gone, but it's still lingering, now almost a week later. I'm not looking forward to phase 2 at the end of March. 

But enough of that, I did manage to tidy my desk this week:

We have had rain and warm temps and lots of rain for the last few days, today is supposed to go up to 9C! The snow is receding, but, it is only February, so I'm sure we will get it all back at some point.

Inky, however is happy, wanting in and out all morning. She will be very disappointed to see all the snow come back!

Sorry I wasn't able to get to everyone last week, I think I missed a few who visited me, but this week should be better! Have a great WOYWW!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WOYWW #454

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

We actually have some sun today! And a +3C temperature! I don't know how long it will last, but it feels nice today, anyway!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Hubby left me some candies (not too many! He knows I love them but they don't love me!) and a beautiful card. Here is what I left for him to find when he comes home for lunch today:


  I went romantic and frilly this year!

Here was my desk last night:

 and the journal page I was working on:

 I've been in a lot of toothache pain since the end of January - it was only the other day that the dentist could even confirm which tooth it was! So tomorrow I have a root canal, which people have been assuring me is not as bad as it sounds. My main hope is that the toothache will go away!

Here is the page I made on Monday. This page was speaking to me, sometimes even yelling at me. It told me what colours to use, then that it needed the banner, I chose the images, then it told me it wanted to be about Chinese New Year. I tried to argue, I told it the colours weren't right, and how do the flowers fit in with Chinese New Year? It wouldn't listen, it insisted. So here it is! Gung Hay Fat Choy! 

I almost forgot to show you the card I made for my mother's 83rd birthday! It was inspired by a card made last week by one of our Deskers!

 The card that inspired this was made with a die, and much more beautiful, but it did the trick! My Mom's favourite colour is. . .
Inky has been venturing outside recently, she's getting so bored inside! But she refuses to let her feet touch the snow. It is so funny to watch her tiptoe where the snow has melted a bit! After I took this picture, she did venture out a little more, placing her feet in the melted spots that you can see, but quickly made her way back! We are both looking forward to Spring!!!

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day, and a fantastic week! Remember, even if you don't have that someone special today, YOU are worth loving, so give yourself some extra TLC, and enjoy!


Wednesday, February 07, 2018

WOYWW #453

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

Hello all! We are having a lovely snowfall this morning in Eastern Ontario! I did finally get to my desk this week, and started a new journal page. I had no idea what I was going to do or where it was going to go. Here is my desk:

BLOGIVERSARY! Monday, Feb 5, was my 13th year on Blogger! Here are some nice low-calorie donuts I made to share with you to celebrate!

Inky and I shared an awesome event last night around 3:30am. She is often sitting on her window perch in our bedroom at night, and sometimes when I get up in the night I join her to see what's happening. Well, last night, we were watching the most gorgeous specimen of a fox wandering in front of the house! (stock photo). It looked just like this one (but it was dark, in the middle of the night!)

His prints were still there this morning:
 Here is our view from Inky's perch:
It was quite exciting!

That's it for me today, now I need to brave all the snow and meet my Mom for lunch! Then I will visit you!

Thanks for your visit!