Wednesday, July 28, 2021

WOYWW #634

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group! 

Hello everyone! I missed last week's post, but I made it back today. Actually, I thought that's what happened, but I just discovered I missed two posts! My moodyness must be worse than I thought!

We were away visiting my new Granddaughter last week - so wonderful! Such a beautiful child (if I do say so myself!) She turned 2 months while we were there!

I won't bore you with all the Grandmother stuff, but I was so glad to finally meet her, and we will see her again this weekend on our way to Niagara Falls!

My desk had not been getting any love at all lately, but I did get into the mood after watching a tutorial by Eva at Bohemian Crafting. I always have some sort of journal when I go to Niagara Falls every year (except last year ), so I thought this would be a perfect little project to get my mojo moving again. So here was my desk yesterday (after finishing the journal):

But here it was a few days ago:

I didn't have much room to work, so good thing it is a small journal!

And here is the finished project:

The cover flips up
and opens...

this is a tiny 3 page booklet that I just slid onto the side

some postcards to tuck in

a fold out page with lots of spots for journaling front and back

I'm not even sure I have it all here to show, but next week I will try and make a little video of it all completed and filled in with our trip. I never see these journals actually used, I often wonder if they ever do actually get used. I have made two for friends, and they haven't used them yet. I try to use all of mine. Do you make journals like this and never actually use them?

Anyway, time to see the kitties, here they are sleeping during our hot afternoons.

 Mittsy finally using her new bed! When I first saw her she was sleeping on her back with all her legs up in the air - but I couldn't sneak up on her quietly enough to get the photo! Maybe next time...(and I returned the scratcher that neither of them touched)

and Inky on her perch, I thought it was odd how she lay her head on the side like that...

I hope everyone is well, safe, and happy! Have a great week, and a lovely "meow" from Inky and Mittsy!

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

WOYWW #631

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group! 

I almost didn't post today. It's a very dreary day, and I don't know where the week has gone. I think I've been in my craft room once. We did get our 2nd jabs, with little or no side effects, maybe a little tiredness and soreness. But on the 13th we are free and clear, and on the 14th we are going to see our Granddaughter! The cats are getting a cat-sitter to stay with them, I hope they like her! Here is my July 1st photo from my office, nice and green, but the spring flowers on the bushes are gone :(

And here is my sad little desk:

Our new Spirea bush is blooming!

And our hibiscus bloomed for the first time ever outdoors! And there's another bud on the way.

I bought the cats a new scratcher because their old one was totally demolished. They haven't used it yet, but hopefully soon. Mittsy has a new bed too, but hasn't used it yet either. Luckily I can return these within 30 days if they are not used.

And that's it for me today. I leave you with a video of Inky trying to catch her tail...we have the perfect bedposts for cat sitting, sometimes we have one cat on each post!

Inky, Mittsy and I hope you all have a safe and happy week,