Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Big Clean-Up!

Well, to do art everyday, you need somewhere to do it! So first I had to transform this:

Into this:

OK, so now I'm ready. I'm going to make a new journal page. Several people like the idea of making a journal, but don't know where to start. First, go to the Dollar Store and buy a composition book. They are fairly thick, with lined pages and a hard cover.

Make sure you have some cheap acrylic paint on hand, choose a colour, and paint. I chose blue. Then the the other colour left on my table was Kiwi green, so I sponged the edges in Kiwi. Yuk. It was a horrible combo. So, I taped up a border, and painted black inside over the blue.

Much better, not so much blue.

Now what? the green edge needed a border print, so I went to my leaves and found this little stamp which I stamped all around.

That's it for now! I usually let things sit so I can look at them again, see what else I might add from my drawer full of cut-outs from magazines. I'll probably do some more cutting tonight while watching "So You Think You Can Dance"! I also often move right on to the next page and add colour to it and a few after that too.

This is a mingle 4X4 I made for my ByHand Yahoo Group, it's for our "Yalpha Mingle", due early June, obviously late, but not forgotten! I needed to choose a letter, then illustrate it. there are words on the back that all start with "M". The background is from a magazine, the "M" was cut out of white CS after I stamped a map onto it. I edged the M in red paper, and edged the whole thing in red. The back has the word "Map" in red, then lots of red Ms with black words that started with M: Music Marsh Man, etc

So that's it for this post! See you tomorrow!

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