Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday-almost didn't make it!

I almost didn't make into my art room today. I worked all morning on my classroom sewing, making little cloths and a pouch for objects, then out to lunch with Mom, then to the gym, home, dinner, bath, thinking of excuses not to go into the Art Room - can't think of what to do - maybe missing one day won't hurt - I'm sure you know all the excuses!! But I did go, and I started by filling up the hole in my AB with lavender. One of my children at school gave me some lavender bath salts she had made. Bath salts with bits of real lavender. I tried some in my bath, then stopped sprinkling when I realized I couldn't use little bits that could jam up the jets in the tub!! So what I did instead was pick out a bunch of those bits and put them in my fragrance niche. Smells very nice!

Then I needed to glue all those pages together. I decided to try Matte Gel Medium and painted it all around the edges, then clamped it together to dry. I will report tomorrow to tell you if it worked.

The last thing I did was some Thank You cards. I had told myself I needed to make a bunch of these to keep handy next year. I always need Thank You cards! I really liked the Moo card I made yesterday, so I adapted it to a Thank You card, and made 3 of them.

That's it! At least I DID make into the art room! Now I'm off to watch So You Think YouCan Dance!

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