Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Journal Pages

Here are my Journal Pages from the last 2 weeks.

My Marilyn page uses a transfer I did a few years ago - I can't remember how we did it though. The transfer was lying around, so I used it.

I've been on Atkins for awhile now -lost 25 pounds so far! So this page is about food, which I love!

I had a wonderful calendar last year by Jerry Uelsmann who takes fabulous photos and then manipulates them into these wonderful surrealistic scenes. I couldn't find his calendar this year, so I'll probably be using a few photos from his last year's calendar in my journals. This page is also about how every once in awhile, from nowhere, I smell my Dad, who passed away in 2001. very strange, and very strong, then it goes away. I always say "hello" and "I miss you!".

I love the black gesso on this page, and one of my new stamps that I got in a set of 9 from Michael's for under $8!! The border around the flower are some scraps from Wednesday night's Kingston Altered Artists meeting when Bev showed us a new technique using oil pastels and glitter embossing powder.


Trina said...

Linda, Love your pages. Trina

ellie said...

mmm...just really like the color palette you use for your journal pages....and I really like the balance to them too...

just lovely!