Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New year!

I have been rather tardy adding to my blog! Christmas was very busy, and I decided to completely re-vamp my stamp room, and added a new big craft table. I removed all my sewing stuff and made my DD's room into my sewing room when she's not there (which is most of the time!) This was my room when I was a teenager, so it is rather neat working back in my old room! I will post pictures shortly.

TOYS!! I got lots of new toys for Christmas:

These were in my stocking!

These were presents form DH and DD, plus the stamps below~aren't they wonderful!!

I made this Birthday Card for my step-father using my new Pirate stamps:


Pull up on the coin...

Here are the other things I worked on this week :

December and January ByHand This and That Mingle:

January-Kahlil Gibran, I didn't know who he was (a Lebanese/American artist/poet) but now I do! I love the quote I used!

December-Beethoven's Birthday- I actually made this design a few years ago on a 4X4 canvas. I liked it so much I thought I would reproduce it for this Mingle page. I learned a lot about Beethoven, and that he used a special rod attached to the piano so that he could feel the vibrations of the notes, since he went deaf as he grew older.

A Journal Cover swap for ORSA, I took a cheap journal and re-vamped the cover. TIP: Be sure the journal is right side up when you do this!! (experience...!!) I just used scrapbooking paper, stamped the quote, layered the quote, put an eyelet in the corner with fibers and a charm and attached the quote (this is when I should have checked to see if it was right side up!)

Christmas Gift Cards:

I had 3 gift cards to give out this year, and wanted to do something special, so I made these pouches to hang on the tree, that can be re-used by the recipient:

I used a stamp of Santa for the hats, and just cut the hat off. I think they turned out well!

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Linda F. said...

Beautiful thing!
You mentioned you weren't familiar with Kahlil Gibran prior to this. Being and "old hippie", he was required reading during my college years! Such beautiful things. If you get an opportunity and have some time go to It has the entire text of his most popular book The Prophet. Such beautiful thoughts and words! And a treasure of inspiration! Enjoy!