Sunday, January 06, 2008

New and Improved Stamping Room!

I am lucky enough to have a whole room (the 4th bedroom in my house) as my stamping room, I think the room is 9X12. When we moved in there were floor to ceiling bookshelves on 3 walls. This is the second time I've re-done this room. I don't think I have the "before" pictures on this blog, but my work table was a long (' maybe 5') teak desk, with only one place to sit because of the drawers. It was also rather thin. I covered it with a plastic tablecloth because I was so worried I would ruin it. The floor was covered with a beautiful Persian carpet. Very dark, also worried I was going to ruin it. if I dropped anything on the floor, it was a miracle if I found it, as the patteren on the rug is so busy! So I rolled up the rug to use in another room, moved the desk to my DD's room for a sewing table, and my Mom bought me a big 6' craft table for my room! No worries now! And I could potentially have company to play with as I could fit 4 people around this table! Here are the photos:

view through the door

My favourite stamps -these shelves used to be just storage

My iris carts. This wall used to have a desk with my sewing machine on it. I could hardly move to sew, so I didn't. I bought one new iris cart and the grey set of drawers.

This section hasn't changed much., but as you can see at the bottom,
I now have 3 empty shelves (let's go shopping!!)

My new table! The board with the mat on it that you see used to fill the whole
of my old desk, so I do have quite a bit more room.

This is where I keep my cardstock, in the filing cabinet. Scrapbook paper,
Paper pieces (large) and collage images are in these 3 boxes on top.
You can also see some unmounteds in the CD rack.
I have to put a carpet or someting under the filing cabinet because it keeps
moving when I open and close it!

This shelf is to my left. It used to hold all my inks, because tho only place I could sit was at the left end of my desk. Now I have some trays of stamps there (right side). The left side of this picture hasn't changed much. All my ephemera and findings are in these boxes. Tags, coin envelopes, dominoes, cards, etc. The one thing I did change is that I bought this set of 5 see- through boxes (Canadian Tire) and labelled them Plastic, Wood, Metal, Asstd and Paper. This is my general collection of found items, which preveiously were all mixed together in a 3-drawer box (the one you can see below on my table). I like this becasue not only are things separated, but I can see through the boxes for inspiration. All my alphabet stamps are in the rolling 5-drawer cart under the table.
Close up of the see-through boxes

These are the shelves directly behind me. The back of my chair broke off a few months ago, andI like it better this way, much easier to manouver. And without the rug, my chair moves nice an smoothly! So everything I need at my fingertips is directly behind me, or on my table. These shelves hold all my inks (divided into colours) and all my brads, eyelets, beads, jewels and other tiny things (in the black drawers). Also my embossing powders, and most used stamps. Glue stick, sandpaper, sponges, etc are also right here.

This is a view of my table from one end. All my pencils, and paintbrushes are on the table in cups that are in a basket. Everything I need all the time (scissors, gel pens, Krylon, rulers, etc) are in this lazy susan thing I got at a garage sale. I can easily take everything off my table when I have company over to play.

Here are my magazines. Two years ago I put them all into binders with those magazine holders. I never read them! They were also very heavy binders, and it wasn't easy removing a magazine. So I put them in the plastic shelf magazine holders instead, and already I'm using this resource more!

This is my new sewing room, aka my DD's room when she comes to visit. Thses two desks were in my stamping room, the one on th eleft was my work tables, and the sewing machine was againt the wall where the iris carts are now. This is much better! I'm already half-way through a sewing project for school!
So there you have it. My first New Years resolution done!! Now for the rest...LOL!

CHALLENGE: I would love to see what you have done with your stamping/crafting room! Please link through my comments to your pictures!


Eastjewels said...

Ok Linda....that is just to organized for me....that looks great, if my studio ever got that organized I wouldn't even want to go in there and mess it up. I'm thinking of sending you my address and you can come on over and see if you can help me get organized. LOL I am smiling with that thought. You go girl, no wonder your art work is so neat and awesome.
Linda (Okla)

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Linda,

Your studio looks great, very organised and very similar to mine, I don't have my pics online but when I do, I will let you have a peep.


Passionforstamping said...

Wow, and I thought I had a lot of stuff! I think I need to go shopping!

Dianne K.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! I am forever moving stuff around in my room trying to organise, I like the way you have everything to hand, my dh would have a spakky fit cos he likes everything so so and would hate if my stuff was just on my shelves like this - I would be in heaven! I shall try and sort some photos out soon and share my room with you
(case you are wondering got the link for the latest trends yahoo group)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks really well-organized. I enjoyed seeing your space.

Jodi said...

What a terrific space you've got! I love the 360 effect and having everything at your fingertips! Makes clean up easy too, I bet... Thanks for sharing, Linda!

Anonymous said...

your studio looks great.Im still organizing mind. happy from sc