Wednesday, September 15, 2021

WOYWW #641

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group! 

Greetings all! I hope today finds everyone happy and well! We are feeling "fall" these days, the days are shorter, sitting on the porch with coffee in the mornings is cooler, but still lovely! Apparently we had a big loud thunderstorm last night that I slept right through!

My desk this morning:

I had just finished 2 cards, and anniversary card for DD and SIL, and a BDay card for a dear friend, so things look a bit tidy. Here are the cards:

I also completed a challenge in my new Mixed Media Group with Marjie Kemper, the challenge was "Time", and so I did a journal page:

But I felt it was missing something in the middle...

So I added the word Time. I think it works!

I am now working on the cover of one of my journals, which is the Project of the Month in the Mixed Media Group. Hopefully it will be finished by next week!

Both cats are out wandering this morning as usual. Mittsy had a big ugly clump of hair on her back so we bought some cat brushes, and hubby has made her beautiful again! that's about it, I hope everyone has a marvelous week, and the kitties say "meow!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely cards, they’re very pretty indeed! It’s definitely autumnal here too, the angle of the sun is lower but still warm temps. I love this time of year!
Hugs LLJ 6 xx

Sarah Brennan said...

I do like the cards Linda and you are so right about adding the word time to the journal page - it balances it really well. Definitely starting to feel cooler and wetter here too. Meow to Inky and Mittsy. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #8

Helen said...

I think your wordy addition to the page is perfect. Love both cards. Helen #7

Empire of the Cat said...

lovely cards, good call on adding TIME, looks great. One of my cats had a big matted bit on her back and it was so bad I had to cut it off as she was not happy about the brushing. It's growing back now though Happy WOYWW! Elle #11 this week

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That's a lovely smile on your photograph today, I'm sure it's new. Loving the cards and the journal pages too. Meow to the kitties too wherever they are. I hope your week is full of crafty fun and happy woyww, Angela x5x

Neet said...

Lovely cards and journal pages - definitely Marjie style. I do like my DI's for backgrounds and should use them more in my journal. Trouble is it is such a big page to cover and it takes too long with inks that I slap paint on most times.
Your desk looks rather busy in shot no 1.
I remember one cat we had, she used to get fur balls so easily and hated them being de tangled. We had to wrap her in a towel sometimes and just cut them out - she was a semi long haired cat, so pretty but so ballsy in more ways than one.
Hugs, Neet 1 xx

Crafting With Jack said...

Great cards and pages. Have a great weekend Angela #2

Mary Anne said...

Your cards are so pretty and will be well received, I'm sure. And yep, adding the word worked a treat! For me, TEXT is always the answer LOL!

Happy WOYWW, so very late!
Mary Anne (9)

Shoshi said...

What lovely cards you've made this week, Linda, and I absolutely adore the colours in your journal! I had to laugh at poor Mittsy - so she's been to the hairdresser's, has she? Lol! We've had kitties in the past that loved being brushed, but we can't do anything with the current two. Ruby in particular hates to be interfered with in any way.

Thank you for your visit, and I apologise for the lateness of mine. The after effects of the treatment are starting to take their toll and I've also had quite a bit of catching up to do, being out 5 afternoons on the trot. I'm glad you liked my cards. I think you're right, probably most people just go, have their treatment and that's the last the staff hear of it. I think it's nice to show some appreciation because they work so hard and they are always so charming, cheerful and friendly, putting one at one's ease. The table in the radiotherapy room reminds me of the one on that episode of Star Trek when they get abducted by aliens!

Happy very belated WOYWW, and purrs from Lily and Ruby.
Shoshi x #12