Wednesday, February 10, 2021

WOYWW #610

 Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed! 

Hello everyone! I hope you all are well, safe and being creative! I especially hope Shaz is doing well. Here in Ontario it has been very cold, and we had a lovely snowfall last night, so everything is lovely and white. I am very proud of myself for going for a walk every day, as I hate the cold. I certainly would never want to jump into Lake Ontario for a swim like Caro! But someone in our neighborhood did just that last week, just before the lake froze over. Brrrr.

Anyway, I am relatively warm in my house where I have 2 desks, one in my freezing cold craft room (I have to open the door in the morning if I want to be reasonably warm in the afternoon in there! And those of you who have cats know why I need to keep the door closed!) and one right over a heating vent in my office.

Here is my cold room:

I have actually been working in here this week! I made a birthday card for my soon to be 86 year old Mom, and a week 5 tag for my 52 tag challenge.

Here is my "warm" desk where I do my Bujo (Bullet journal)

you can see my i-pad, my stencils, my markers on the left and  a new holder for my coloured pencils, and Inky under the hammock. The square basket is garbage. All of my February Bujo pages are done, so I am now thinking of March, which will be a cats theme (so far...). I am also working on "perfecting" my Menu Planning pages.

Here is the birthday card for my Mom:

And last week's tag which was "kisses". The group leader does all her tags in stitching, and since I don't do stitching I thought I would try and incorporate the stiches with stamping, for the cross-stitches across the top. I'm also trying to use an embossing folder on each tag. The cross-stitches are Tim Holtz, the kissers are Viva Las Vegas. I love getting their grab-bags, you never know what's in them, and often how you would ever use them! this is a Banksy stamp, and I had no idea when I got it that I would ever be able to use it! I got several Banksy stamps in my last grab bag!

Next week's tag is "a bevy of buttons"

Inky and Mittsy have been doing a lot of sleeping lately, and are probably more active at night. Last week they spent most of the week chasing after a mouse, who they eventually deposited next to their litter box. Good work girls! Here is Mittsy sleeping on her chair in "her" room.

Well, that's it for me! Inky and Mittsy say "meow" and I say have a great week!


Lisa-Jane said...

Funnily enough I just saw a video of a friend's brother, who lives in Canada, using an axe to break a hole in the ice so he can swim in the lake! Not for me, thanks. I love the tags and I do love a bit of Banksy. Hugs definitely in order today, Lisa-Jane #10

Sarah Brennan said...

Sadly it appears that Shaz is nearing the end Linda. She has Doug with her and is being kept comfortable. The family have been asked to go in and say their goodbyes too. Love the tag - I have that TH embossing folder. Hope it warms up a bit for you soon. Meow to the kitties. Stay safe. Sarah #5

Spyder said...

Love the tags, I've never, as yet, used a sewing machine on my cards, just penned them in, of course never say never! Mr Jinx is really too lazy to chase mice now...although sometimes I know when he's brought one in as he spends more time trying to open cupboard doors! Stay safe, Keep on crafting! Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) I was #20...but now appear to be #26!

Caro said...

One day my ambition is to swim under ice (with the relevant safety support), but for now I will have to settle with swimming in water with ice in it! Love your tags. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#20)

Helen said...

I am so tempted to get a sewing machine for craft projects but don't have anywhere to put one and not sure it would work too well on the floor with me! Your mum's birthday card is lovely, I am sure she will really love it. Take care and stay safe. Helen #2

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well done for getting outdoors and also doing some proper crafting! Your mum’s card is lovely, I’m sure she’ll really appreciate it.
Hugs LLJ 9 xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Your Mom's card is fab Linda, wishing her all the best on her 86th Birthday. The Banksy image is a great one, good job adding the stitchy stamp.
Hugs Tracey #36 x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I can well imagine it's cold where you are but pleased to see you keeping busy with the crafting. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x18x

Mary Anne said...

Grab bags are such a risk - I have had a few and some have been amazing (Teesha Moore one) and some have been super lame (loads of stupid sayings and terrible images) but I would have LOVED Banksy ones. Your tag is FAB.

Been cold here too, which is not usual - cold, sure, but not THIS COLD. Ready for Spring!

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

glitterandglue said...

Hi Linda. Now why did I think you lived in America not Canada? Think I am losing the plot here. One of my ambitions has always been to fly into the West of your land and travel on Via rail right to the very East. Managed the "fly into the West" bit, and got as far as Banff - yes, I know, not very far! - then went up to Jasper and back to Vancouver on Via rail. Unfortunately our friends near Toronto couldn't have us stay with them - so no further east... maybe one day...
I do confess I would struggle with one room colder than all the others - but maybe that's just a British thing - or maybe just me. I keep the whole house at one temperature - but I don't have cats who are interested in open doors...
Your mum's card is lovely. I trust she has a beautiful birthday.
take care. God bless.
Margaret #4

Diana Taylor said...

The card for your mum is beautiful - I love the bird stamp and the background is perfect for it. The tag is great too, I like the idea of Banksy stamps but have never seen any before.
Hope you have a good week, stay safe and cosy,
Diana xx #21

Karen said...

Terrific card for mom and a fun Valentine tag for your challenge too. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend ~ Love, Karen#28

Shoshi said...

You are very, very sensible not to go swimming in Lake Ontario, Linda - unlike our Caro who swims in a beanie to keep warm lol lol!! I always tease her that she's a crazy lady! We've got the heating on in the house but it still feels cold - we keep the sitting room toasty warm and the kitties queue up to get in there in the morning when I have my breakfast. My hubby puts the fire on ready for me! I love your tag,and the birthday card for your mum is gorgeous. Mine would have appreciated this too as she loved birds. Our 2 kitties are sleeping a lot at the moment as well. They love to cuddle up either together or with us to keep warm. They were out hunting yesterday but didn't catch anything!

Thank you for your visit - glad you enjoyed the Witness Protection! Someone at church sent it to my hubby and I just had to share it. I'm glad you like the Siamese cat too - everyone else seems to like him - it's just me! He's beginning to grow on me a bit and he will certainly take his place with the rest on the blanket.

The blender saga goes on and I'm really fed up with them. My threat of Trading Standards softened them a little - but not enough! Another stiff email hit the ether this evening so we shall see. Hopefully some more positive news by next blog day! Your DIY cleaner sounds great. Do you have hard water where you are? The vinegar is apparently very good for dealing with that. Our water is very soft here and we get no limescale.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #25 Purr purr from Lily and Ruby

BJ said...

Oh know what you mean about hot and cold rooms. I craft in my bedroom which I need cool for the nights as I burn up most of the night! I have only just given in to heating in the day in here as I can't craft or use my PC when it is so cold. I turn the radiator off in the evening and still have the window open a crack at night. I then put the radiator back on after I have got up in the morning. Bit of a palava but sitting at my desk also has the added advantage of my SAD light which seems to be helping my mood at the moment, so I'll keep it up. Thanks for the visit BJ#18

Crafting With Jack said...

It is rather cold here, but we haven’t had much snow. My craft room is much warmer now the door covering the radiator is off. Great card and tag. Angela #12

Susan Renshaw said...

That's a brilliant Banksy stamp - would love to get one such in a grab bag!! Great tag and lovely card!
Happy WOYWW!
Stay safe and keep well!
Update on here in Victoria – we are in a snap lockdown again – hopefully only for a few days – but 5k limit, no visitors or gatherings, only leave the house for the 4 special reasons, only essential shops open…
And the rainbow lorikeets are eating our peaches!
Susan #22
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