Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WOYWW #336

Another Wednesday! I have the day off today, wonderful that I can catch up on bloggy things! To find out more about WOYWW just click on the paisley button on the the sidebar!

This is my desk this morning - just working on my journal, writing my daily "stuff" - very boring! But my cat Inky likes to come and sit right on top of it! I think she's trying to send me a message. . .

I finished my next background page for my journal - started writing on it today

It has a flap for secret writing! Not that I have any secrets to write at the moment - we'll see how I use it! I used a cloth doily as a stencil in another journal, ripped it out and used it on this page!

Next I need to start on my Christmas cards - you heard right - start!! None done so far!

Must get back to life, thanks for looking! Remember - comments make my day! I appreciate each and every one!


Suzanne Alexis said...

Your journal is beautiful. I need to start doing something like that for my pages. It doesn't look boring at all. So glad I'm not the only one who hasn't finished all of my Christmas cards yet! I love the look of your blog, I'm a big fan of vintage and medieval art.

Suzanne #46

Helen said...

I love your journal! I don't write in mine, I can't seem to do that.. good luck! I have barely started my Christmas cards, let a lone nearly finished... Helen 6

buterfliecrafter said...

love your journal.butterfliecrafter#8

April said...

What a sweet kitty. Sebastian likes to do the same thing. :-) April #51