Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WOYWW #301

Another Wednesday - they do come by fast! We are just starting to enjoy above freezing temps here in Southern Ontario, I actually saw a guy yesterday wearing a Tank Top! Our high today will be +5C, I'm sure someone will be in sandals!

WOYWW - if you don't know yet what this is, there is a paisley button on my sidebar you can click and find out!

Actually, even though I have worked at my desk this week, there is not a lot of change:

You can see my "Daily" journal that I actually only started March yesterday - so much for "Daily"! I'm already 11 days behind! 

And to my right is my Donna Downey Journal that I using with her workshop - I'm a week behind on that one too!

There's a little yellow card that has "New Stamps" written on it for me to add to my database. I went to Michael's yesterday and bought a couple of "sale" stamp sets. Like I need more!

Here is a close up of the new March journal page, using some of my new stamps called "Crochet Lace" -I stamped them in a light Distress Ink and then I could draw over the lines  (idea from here) In the link, she was using a stencil, but I knew it would work with a stamp too. So I have a few days to catch up!

Thanks for visiting! I will now go and check out YOUR desks!!


Unknown said...

What gorgeous journal pages to doodle and write in! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Thanks for that about the background on my blog, will have a look at that to see if I can make it easier to read. Pleased you liked the cards. I love your journal page, hope you manage to catch up soon. Happy crafting, Angela x 31

April said...

You might be behind but you haven't given up. Keep on pushing through. :-) April #65

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Lindart
who says journals have to be kept upto date .... a nice idea but mostly unachievable ... in my case too.. as soon as I catch up I'm behind again, ha ha..
love you journal page ... very cool stamps
janet @12

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your journal page, it feels like spring is coming when i see lambs about me.
Jill #51

Eliza said...

I like your daily journal and that lace stamp is just beautiful you are so lucky to have a Michaels to shop at, I only dream of going one day. Enjoy your warmer weather, sorry it does stilk sound cold regardless of the clothing people wear. I thin closer to 100 is better.

Hugs Eliza

Nikki said...

LOL at how those of us in Ontario the minute it gets above 5 we think it's patio weather after this winter who doesn't want shorts and tanks
Happy WOYWW and digital stamps are ones you print for yourself to use
hugs Nikki 1

Julia Dunnit said...

It doesn't matter if you're behind with these long as you're taking inspiration and enjoying them, who's to know! I love the March page very much. Still think you work neatly!

Patrink said...

No such thing as nice to meet you. Drop by if you have a chance. Happy WOYWW
pat #78

KarmaCraft said...

Hi! I adore seeing other people's art journals and yours is no exception! I love the crochet lace stamps. I was on a spending freeze last time I went to the US, so I made a conscious decision to stay out of Michaels!!! Closest we have here in the UK is Hobbycraft.... don't get me started... :)

Sy. #67 on 302. :)