Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fun Project!

Two weeks ago my good friend and Stamping buddy Marg and I decided to do a project together! we found what we wanted in a current issue of Stampington's Somerset Studio magazine, making a Tag Book of quotes.

Here is what we did on Day 1:

I thinks it's so neat how we both interpret the project in our own way!

Here is Day 2 (yesterday):

Even the way we organize ourselves is different - I had my tags spread out so I could see them all, hers were stacked the way she wanted them, so she could do one at a time.

 Here is one of many boxes of unmounted stamps Marg has, this one has lots of quotes in it! All my unmounted stamps are in neat little envelopes, labelled, numbered,  and in my data base, which would drive Marg crazy! She knows where all her stamps are!

So that's it for Days 1 and 2. Will keep you posted!

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