Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Stamps!

I won a pound of new rubber from Viva Las Vegas Stamps on their Friday the 13th Blog Hop!  (Thank you so much!!!) I spent the day yesterday sorting them all out and adding them to my database:

After sorting them into groups, I stamped them onto these envelopes which are numbered as to Box, envelope, and stamp. So UM16-1-5 means UM Box 16, envelope 1, stamp #5

There was a small pile of stamps I know I will never use, so I am going to give them away to the first person who comments to say they want them:

So this is what the finished box of VLV Ums looks like,

And this is what it looks like in my database:

All set now to use them! If you think you might like the group of stamps I'm not going to use, just comment, and I will get back to you for your address.

Thanks for visiting!


Barb Black said...

I'd gladly take your extra stamps off your hands! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow well done you . I would love to be in a chance to receive your other stamps ... happy stamping xx Yvette Capuano fb

yvette capuano said...

would love to own the extra stamps ,,, thank you for the chance

100 Proof Press said...

So VERY organized! Congrats on your win!