Wednesday, October 23, 2013


What's On Your Workspace Wednesday - at least it keeps me posting once a week! If you want to know what it is, please click on the icon on the sidebar - it will take you right to the source! This week I made an anniversary card for my husband (29 years!) and worked on my DD's Europe scrapbook. As I mentioned last week, I have discovered Project Life, and although I'm not doing it the way it's "supposed" to be done, I'm having great fun with it. So here's whats on my desk:

 My messy desk, I spelled "Avignon" wrong on this journal card, so have to re-do it. Not a problem! Would have been worse if it weren't PL!

 I made some journal card templates - they have come in very handy. What I really want are some dies to cut these sizes with rounded corners. Do they even exist?

 This has come in very handy. I printed this sheet from the Ranger site and it makes it much easier to find the Distress Colors I need to use. You can also see the little sheet of banners I got at Michael's yesterday.

And these I got as well, not just for Halloween!

Have a wonderful day, now I'm to see what's on everyone else's desk!


Spyder said...

I'm always spelling things wrong, but don't spot it til it's on the blog and posted, agh! I get my b's p's d's ....well I get it all confused! Is that cold tea? Mine had mould...and a dead fly! Thank you for my crafty snoop!
HaPpY WoYwW?!
((Lyn)) #59

Deb said...

Fabulous desk, lots going on there! I am also doing Project Life, been focusing on the photos up to now but starting to dive into the creative bit now!

Neet said...

Looking forward to visiting America again so I can spend some time in Michael's and Joann's. Lots of lovely black and orange I see on sale.
Great PL you are doing, I am sure, if there are not already dies for it there will be.
Thanks for visiting me earlier - have a good week. Hugs, Neet 24 xx

Katie said...

Project Life :) I love the concept! Who cares about how it's "supposed to be done" Make it work for your family! I have a punch thing that makes corners round. You could just cut cards down to the right size with a paper cutter thingy and then use a punch :)

Katie (97)

Unknown said...

There's a lot happening on your desk. I would love to see some of your Project Life pages. Thanks for stopping by. #4

glitterandglue said...

Thanks for visiting earlier. Have fun with all your projects this week - can't help with the die shape, I'm afraid - just been given a big shot for my birthday, so am only starting out with such things!
Margaret #64

Winnie said...

I haven't scrapped in ages, and keep hearing of PL and it sounds like a good way to get things scrapped. I see you use Distress Inks! They are my favorite. I really need to do a chart like you did, I just never seem to have the time. I have them all (an illness...) Winnie#73

Unknown said...

I am very tempted by project life but I daren't start anything else!
Thank you for visiting. Karen #54

Donna Wheat said...

what a great idea a colour chart for your DIs, must do this before I go to the next big craft show so I don't buy the same colour twice Donna #52

Gita said...

The sheet you printed out for the Distress Paints is great. Good to see what you have and what the color actually looks like. Brigita #84

Krisha said...

I am soooo far behind in my scrapping, that I refuse to be drawn into PL. LOL I keep a dictionary right here by the PC! I don't have a clue about finding a die cut like what you need. Getting the right size would be the hard part.
Thanks for visiting and sorry I am so late in getting back to you.
Krisha #44

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your journaling book. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
Karen no.51 x