Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GPP Street Team Challenge

Therese is visiting again! We decided to do an internet challenge and post it. We chose GPP Street Team Challenge #42 - here it is!

 My strips were from an experimental embossoning on metallic paper from yesterday. We embossed a gear pattern over a chrome pattern, but it was too busy. So I used it here, ripped it up, and used concord grape Distress Ink on it. Looked for industrial type pics from a magazine and viola! Will be used as a journal page in a few days.

More on my and Therese's adventure's later!


michelle ward said...

Linda - what a great spread! Love that you used your experimental embossing paper as an element and went from there to compose the rest. Thanks for sharing with the team!!

Lisa _Paints_Writes said...

I love the purples and greys. Remind me of my wedding. Great backgound. I hope you post the finished product once you do something on the page.

Unknown said...

LOVE this! it is perfect. and the verification word for me is sways. you sway me to give this a try!

Renata said...

The book looks great!!!