Sunday, December 21, 2008

Days 6 , 7 and 8

It's been a busy few days! We had our "Holiday Tea" Party at school which was a lot of fun, but also very tiring!

Here is Day 6's giftie from the Byhand 12 Days Swap:

Another teeny little present. . .

with something beautiful inside!

this is such a cool little book! Very special!

the inside. . .

Here is where it is sitting, in front of my advent calendar -
I will open it up on Christmas morning when
I put the baby Jesus in the Nativity! Thank you Jane H!!

Day 7 . . .

what a cute little book! All ready for something neat to go inside.
This would be a good way to journal Christmas 2008!
Thanks Nicolette!

And Day 8 . . .

These are magnets! Isn't that cool!
I love the colours, and I can always use magnets.
I know these will be used a lot!! Thanks Wendy K!

Well, that's it for now for the gifties. But I wanted to share something from our school party. We have a parent who makes our Gingerbread House each year, and this year he outdid himself!

He made an exact replica of our school!

even the sign!

He brought the house "naked" and the children and I decorated it.
The trees are made of Rice Krispies!

And the dreadful end of the Gingerbread School - the children had great fun eating it!
(I did manage to save the sign!)

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