Wednesday, November 11, 2020

WOYWW #597

  Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

Greetings everyone! It's been a crazy week in this part of the world with the elections and the toddler in chief throwing his various tantrums. I wasn't able to get to everyone who thoughtfully left comments on my blog, I read them all and appreciated them all! This week, I will try to do better next week. I wore out two of my blades on my slicer from slicing up all my papers, so I had to go to Michael's to get more, which of course meant I had to check out the sales...

My papers are now all cut, I had to move them to a bigger box! I kept several 12x12s, and if I need a 12x12 for a special project I will just go and buy it.

So this is now my patterned paper supply, which left me with a whole empty drawer! (Minus the Christmas papers which are in their own box) I filled the drawer with my Big Shot boards, my TH people, and my slicer. Very convenient!

Here is my desk:

I'm playing around with a Tim Holtz Sizzix Bigz Die of a bell jar that I have never used before. I have a certain idea in my head, but I can't quite get it to work...yet!

Here is what I picked up at Michael's (you didn't think I just bought the blades did you?)

some new additions to our Christmas Village too!

And here are the cards I've been making all week while watching the snail paced election results:

Another Tim Holtz Bigz die...and the inside of the bird card:

I believe this is a Recollections stamp

                            DeNami Stamp

Viva Las Vegas Stamp, again, one I have never used before

I found three of these in my paper stash, probably from a workshop many years ago. I don't have this embossing folder, but I like it!

I'm still working on the 3rd one.

In my paper stash I found a 12x12 page of Christmas words, kind of like the Tim Holtz books, but it wasn't TH. I cut them all out and I've used several so far! You see one on the card above this one.

Mittsy and Inky

The two rascals gave a bit of a scare last week, as I was sitting in my second floor craft room, I looked out the window and saw a big squirrel high up in the tree...but wasn't a squirrel - it was Mittsy! So I ran outside to check it out, thinking maybe the fox had chased her up the tree, and there was Inky as well! 

They were both fluffed up, so it probably was the fox, but he was nowhere in sight. Inky was about 8 feet up, higher than I could reach, and Mittsy was way up at the top. As I was wondering what to do to get them down, Mittsy fell/scrambled/ shimmied down the tree. Inky decided maybe she could as well, and shimmied down with me ready to catch her. They both spent the afternoon inside after that ordeal, but when they went back out later, Mittsy went straight to the tree to sniff around! At least I know and they know they can get way from whatever chases them by going up a tree!

We have had some gorgeous sunsets recently, here is one from the other day, overlooking Lake Ontario:

Well that's it for me! Have a wonderful week. Mittsy and Inky say "meow"!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I’ve the little back kitteh, that made me laugh. We used to have a lovely black cat called Jake who used to play fetch with wine corks! Love all the cards you’ve made and the retail therapy was successful, some useful stuff there. Well done on the sporting/chopping/reorganisation as well, that was a good thing to do!
Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

Therese said...


Hey!! I remember making those double embossed backgrounds with you a while back!! It was on one of my great visits to you house!! Thanks so much for the fun and memories!!

Great Christmas cards!!


Robyn said...

Lots going on here- thanks goddess for the election outcome! I dare not set foot in Michaels, or anywhere much else really!
robyn 26

Crafting With Jack said...

Oh I bet it’s scary when they climb so high At least they came down safely. Michaels sounds a great place to craft shop! Happy WOYWW Angela #29

Helen said...

what a lot of cards! well done. I have those trees you've labelled Hero Arts only I thought it was a Denami stamp... anyhow it's a fab one! Loving your sunsets! Have a great week. Helen #4

Spyder said...

No, I'm still not going to chop up my 12x12s ! I did think about it though after last weeks visit but only for about 2 seconds! Your desk looks busy. We don't have a Michaels over here, but I did buy some Tim Holtz inks last week, and now I realise I need them all!
Happy WOYWW Stay Safe

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Another desk full of Christmas lovelies to put me to shame again, mojo where are youuuuu!! So relieved to here the kitties were able to get down the tree safely, hope it doesn't happen too often, i'd be a nervous wreck every time they went out. Nice buys btw, it's so hard to pass a bargain by.
Happy WoywW Tracey #8

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I am really interested to see how you use the bell jar die as I've had that for years and never used it. Well done at getting your papers sorted and loving the cards. Wishing you a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x15x

Sarah Brennan said...

Got to love a little black kitteh Linda. Glad they both made it safely down the tree. Fab cards and a cool haul. Meow to the escapologists, stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

Mary Anne said...

Bell Jar - I can't help but think of Sylvia Plath! Ah well. As everm and for YEARS, I am cheered by your little dancing duo. I need to do SOMETHING with all my paper. The massive tidy up I began on a whim yesterday (??) revealed that I have enough paper to wall paper virtually every room in this house, and it is NOT a small house! I have to make use of it and will watch you for ideas LOL!

No pressure then.....

Happy WOYWW! Sorry for the late visit - got sidetracked.
Mary Anne (2)

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Linda, love the little black kitteh! Cats often seem to get up into high places far easier than they get down,as a rule I've found. Little devils.Love all the cards, fab designs. I have 2 boxes full of Christmas design paper, I really need to use more on my cards, I think! Some of it is years old. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

Julia Dunnit said...

Am delighted by the kitteh!! Aw. Also, really did think for a minute there that your trip to Micheal’s was going to make you the least distractable when on a mission!! Phew! Cute little additions for your Christmas village. I love the bell jar, and the idea of the bell jar so will be watching closely because I don’t have a clue why I love the idea of it! Gosh seeing that DeNami stamp takes me back, I still have mine too, my favourite is a short string of lights. Don’t use it very much these days. Must rummage properly in my Christmas box! I must say that autumn is looking good over Lake Ontario, these sunsets are gorgeous,

Ellie said...

That foliage embossing folder on the cards is beautiful, do you happen to know who its from? I need it. Lovely cards, the circular merry christmas interior is stunning. How did you achieve the rustic effect on it? sorry about all the questions.
stay safe
Ellie #27

Shoshi said...

What a lovely post, Linda. Little black kitteh, goes with everything lol!! Haha! Inky fits the bill. Sorry to hear about their adventure but clever kitties getting down on their own, and avoiding you having to call the fire brigade! Beautiful sunsets. What a lot of gorgeous cards - you've certainly been very busy and productive lately. If it was me, I would have had "blades" on my shopping list and nothing else, and gone in and bought a lot more than that, I am sure!

Thank you for your lovely comment, and for your kind words about my brother in law. He was a very special guy and we are really going to miss him. What a big family your hubby has, and how absolutely awful that one of his brothers was murdered... I can't begin to imagine how you all coped with that.

I'm sure if you put the right things in your wraps, they would be good and satisfying! Lots of fibre and unrefined carbohydrate does the trick. We are finding our food keeps us going for ages these days. That latest wraps recipe was a lighter, more salad-like one but my regular ones have chickpeas, sweet potatoes etc etc in them, and I always use wholemeal wraps.

So glad you liked my new tunic! I'm very pleased with it. Also that you enjoyed meeting our old Beatrice and Phoebe - Beatrice was a complete one-off and we've never had another kitty anything like her! We never knew what she'd get up to next on the computer! All the kitties we've had over 30+ years have been unique with their own little personalities and funny little ways, though, and I enjoy nothing more than starting off with kittens and watching their little characters emerging.

I am so pleased that you want to join in the needle book giveaway. Who knows - it may be winging its way to Canada before long! I'm making good progress on tiny carpet #6 and then I've got quite a bit of finishing off to do but I'd love to have it finished by the 600th celebrations - will you be joining in the Zoom session?

Happy belated WOYWW and strokes to Inky and Mittsy,
Shoshi x #23

Shoshi said...

Thank you for your comment, Linda, and for sharing what happened. It sounds horrific and must have traumatised the whole family. Such violence doesn't bear thinking about. I do hope your great-nephew wasn't scarred for life by having witnessed such a thing - no child should be put through that. I can well understand your sister in law selling the family home after that.

Shoshi x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Linda finally making it around to say hi and remembered Remembrance Day too, love your bargains.. and that cracking campfire is gorgeous colour isn’t it. Can’t buy it in my turn which is just as well, what a great collection of cards.
Re my tenth anniversary on my blog, .. it’s for blog encouragers so all you gave to do is join my blog (direct link is on the post of candy) and
leave a comment on said candy link.
That is simple!👌❤️ Please do join, do!..
Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these unusual times! Praying you’re all kept well too!
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊

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