Wednesday, June 03, 2020

WOYWW #574

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

Greetings to all from still chilly Canada! I think we had our summer last week, and now we are getting cold again! I hope your weather is better than mine...

Here is my desk this morning:

  Looking fairly neat, I spent the week making these ephemera books. 
I saw the idea on Roxy's Creations on You Tube, and thought it would be a great idea to have a bunch of my bits and pieces in booklets where I could easily see them and use them, and I would just keep replenishing them as I used them up. I decided to use a children's book as a base since I have hundreds of them in my basement, and I chose a board book to begin with, then a couple of Little Golden Books because they have perfect hard covers. 
(I didn't actually use this one...saving it because I love the story!)
I tore out every other page, then covered everything in dictionary paper. 
Then, using tracing paper, I made strips and glued them in to hold the ephemera.


The small one is made from a board book, but I only had one of those, but made in the same way.

 But first made the covers, that's my favourite part!

This is probably all I will need, but if I need more I have more books!


I didn't get to show you the most perfect day in the garden last week. We generally only have one or two perfect spring days, and this was it this year:

 Crab Apple Tree


Bird bath
Everything was so beautiful that day! We have had several days of cold and rain since then, so today everything is pretty drab, most of the flowers have fallen from the tree, and the colours are washed out. But it was nice while it lasted! Hopefully  the perennial garden will start to bloom soon. 

Here's Mittsy in her usual pose on my lap just after I've finished my dinner, she's such a creature of habit!

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe week, Mittsy and Inky say "meow"!


glitterandglue said...

Hi Linda. Goodness, you are the second person making these books this week. Well done. Heidi! Wow - a long while since I saw someone else with that books. Joanna Spyrie? I think I still have my copy. Used to love it as a child.
Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #1

Lunch Lady Jan said...

How interesting to see the step by step process of creating the book, really clever and a great result too! I quite agree about using up old books, better they get a second life that way than just gathering dust or getting pulped. Our weather has got cooler today after two crazy hot months, and I am very grateful for it.
Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Linda, lovely shots of the garden, we've had really hot sunny days for a few weeks now, but today has gone overcast & showery. We actually needed a bit of a break in the weather, we Brits are not used to so much sun! Great job with the books, how useful. Stay safe,Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #12 X

Helen said...

your garden looks fabulous! we've had a cooler slightly damp day here after lots of very warm weather. but I'm working so it doesn't really matter! Have a good week. Helen #3

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That is a great way to store the ephemera sp clever and they will be so much easier to find too. Beautiful photographs of the garden and Mittsy too. Wishing you a happy woyww and a great crafty week, Angela x15x

Sarah Brennan said...

what a great idea for sorting ephemera Linda. Mine just sits in the original packets. Your garden looked lovely. We have lost most of the blossom off our trees now as well as the last couple of days have been cooler with rain (mind you the garden needed it). Meow to Inky and Mittsy, stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Caro said...

What a fantastic idea to keep your ephemera organised and i love the books. Give Mittsy and cuddle and stroke from me! Happy Belated WOYWW. Stay safe and I hope you have a nice week. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#7)

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh my goodness - I think I had that very same Heidi book! I love what you've done with them - very clever! The climate looks so perfect there. Best wishes, Lisa-Jane #17

Shoshi said...

I love your ephemera book, Linda, and how nice to use an old Heidi book. Its origins might be hidden but I am sure the memories will still be there. I loved that story when I was little. I love the tracing paper so you can see what's behind. Really clever idea! Your garden is looking so pretty, and I love your balcony.

Thank you for your visit, and your birthday wishes. Lol at your suggestion re my pineapple! Unfortunately not... You weren't the first person to suggest something really decadent! I agree, Lily and Ruby were just doing what came naturally, but I do rather draw the line at the gross crunching right under my nose while I'm trying to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the sunshine! Hope you enjoy the lentil soup when you make it. We had a good lentil salad for lunch today and I'll probably put that up as a "recipe of the week" in due course - lots of lovely texture from apple and walnuts! I'm glad you've inherited some good knives. My new one arrived yesterday and it's awesome. A real treat.

Lily and Ruby (the troublesome twosome!) send purrs and hugs to you and to Inky and Mittsy.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #14

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I was just saying to Kelly what a great thing to have ephemera properly sorted and you come up with another method - they look fab! What I like best about both your and Kelly’s approach is that I get to be reassured that I havent got too much ephemera!! Your perfect Spring day was indeed beautiful, so glad you were able to be home and enjoy it. I’m watching roses being battered by wind and rain as I type, so like you, am looking forward to the real perennials kicking in and putting up with the crazy weathers!

Kelly said...

Goodmorning, Linda!
How smart of you to use an existing book cover! How fun that we both were inspired by RoxyCreations!
As to those Golden Books, Dearjuliejulie will be starting a new junk journal series on the 15th on her channel using a Little Golden Book. Would love to see you join us. We go live 6 p.m. CST US.. however that equates to your time.
cya tomorrow! Creative Blessings! Kelly #29