Wednesday, March 04, 2020

WOYWW #561

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

I hope everyone is well, we are doing fine over here! My DD and her fiance are off to Costa Rica next week, must be nice to be them! 

Here is my desk today:

I have some new toys to play with! My belated birthday present to myself, there was a Tim Holtz sale online from a US company, unfortunately, with converting to Canadian dollars, and an added $25 fee from the border, I probably paid more than I saved. :-(

 I now need to buy the stamps that go with the Tickets, of course! I didn't realize when I bought the die set that the stamps didn't come with. Always something...

A new bookmark,

it reads: I was going to do something today, but I haven't finished doing nothing from yesterday.

And two new pieces I made after playing with my new stencils and stamps. I think they will be cards.

Here are Inky and Mittsy playing, Inky being the laid back one on the chair giving a swipe once in awhile, and Mittsy putting in all the effort!

And finally, they are getting closer and closer on the bed, this is as close as I've ever seen them!

Have a wonderful week!


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Linda, lovely shots of the cats! Love all the goodies you bought. And you're not alone, I bought a TH die set of assorted snowflakes, then realised you needed the stamp set to use with it! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol at the cat pics - they do really like each other probably, they just don't want you to know, lol! That new stash is great and you'll use it all the time (which justifies the slightly higher cost!) - I like the card fronts very much.
Hugs LLJ 7 xx
PS And you're right, I do have a full and fun life generally, I'm a great believer in you get out what you put in :-)

lisa said...

It's great fun watching cats play isn't it. I love when you catch them sleeping together when they think you're not watching. We had this with ours and soon they were best buddies.
Have fun with your new goodies, they look great.

Hugs Lisax #23

Helen said...

I love your goodies, hope you did end up saving a bit! Happy WOYWW Helen #3

Heather M said...

Hi Linda, that's so annoying when you realise you need to buy the stamps as well. Not quite as annoying as when I bought a stamp and matching die set (not Tim Holtz - another brand) ... and the stamps were bigger than the dies! Love the pics of your cats - so cute! I don't think I'll turn up anything exciting on my family tree, but we will see! Have a lovely week Heather xx #6

StampinCarol said...

Love the pics of your cats! Maybe someday we'll get another one or two.
I had a giggle at your bookmark, love the quote! What fun goodies you got! Sad that the stamps didn't come with the ticket dies.
Have a wonderful week!
Carol N #21

sandra de said...

ohhh I do like that quote but, the kitties steal the post. Both soo cute. I think we have all been caught out with the great sale once we add our currency conversion and tax. Have a lovely week.
Sandra de !6

Sarah Brennan said...

Love the pictures of Inky and Mittsy Linda. They do seem to be getting a bit closer. Great TH stash. It is annoying when they slap the postage charges on. I particularly like the new stamps. Love the cards you made with them. Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #1

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh look at Inky slowly giving in to the newcomer! Lovely. I love the stencilling, definitely deserve to be turned into cards. I’ve made that mistake with TH stuff too, its really annoying, at the price that they don’t come as stamp and die many other companies do them together. Love me a ticket stamp, so useful!

Debbie Rock said...

LOVE your new TH goodies ... am awaiting an order myself and getting very impatient although I have to admit to being REALLY good this time around and only a couple of items called to me. Sorry for the late reply ... I did get back to all my lovely visitors only to find not one message posted .. so much for me and the technology of my ipad ... give me my trusty old laptop any day please! Love to you, Debbie xXx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great pics of the cats. loving your new stash too. Sorry for being late this week just ran out of time. Happy belated woyww, Angela x14x

Anne said...

Great new stash there. Love seeing your cats! Thanks for popping by. Anne X 25

Shoshi said...

Great new stash, Linda, but a shame about the extra tax at the border... hidden expenses are always horrible! I love what you are starting to do with it all, anyway. Fabulous kitty photos - your two do make me smile - Inky seems so mature and restrained, and Mittsy just wants to play! They are getting closer - almost touching in that second photo! I think it makes a huge difference that they aren't siblings. Our 2 are always cuddling up together - I suppose they are used to it because they were doing it in the womb lol! Thank you for your visit - I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my Celtic knots. You and Julia both liked the one I didn't like, so I'm glad I decided to include it and not throw it out. I love creating a 3-D look with shading and highlighting. The rather dull one with the complicated pattern I also wasn't very pleased with, and I have subsequently lifted the colour from the knot, and redone the shadows, and it looks better now. I'm looking forward to tackling the next batch and using some different techniques - I've got plenty to play with!

I hope the DH gets through the knee surgery OK. We know several people who have had it done and it's a very successful operation. I know the feeling of mixed looking forward and dreading - I feel a bit the same about my upcoming tummy tuck - still no news of when it's going to be. Its main purpose is the 3rd attempt at repairing my parastomal hernia and hopefully tighten everything up after all the weight I lost, which has made the area very unstable.

Kombucha (fermented tea) is absolutely delicious. I can't really describe the flavour - it's not really like anything else. It doesn't taste like tea, that's for sure! All the sugar is digested by the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts) - the brown rubbery thing that looks like a dead jellyfish lol! so it isn't sweet. If it still tastes sweet, it's not ready. If you leave it too long, it gets vinegary. It's got a slightly sharp taste - it is naturally carbonated (CO2 being a bi-product of the fermentation) but not overly so. I use Yorkshire tea to make it (a great tasting tea), but really any normal black tea will do. I've made it with Lapsang Souchong a couple of times by mistake and it was horrible! It's well worth making (or buying to try it - but expensive to buy) - full of probiotic goodness for gut microbiome health!

I'm seeing the physio again in April, not the doctor - about my bladder. She may refer me on after she's seen my bladder diary, as she thinks I really should have a bladder scan. We shall see.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #12

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi popped back to see the pics. Loving the kittie photos. I've got those ticket dies and I felt it was a bit naughty to show them with the stamped images as it does make you think that you get the stamps too. Have a lovely creative week, Angela xXx