Wednesday, August 14, 2019

WOYWW #532

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

Greetings to all! We are enjoying wonderfully pleasant summer temperatures for the past few weeks, this morning it was only 19° C!  (66°F). It will probably warm up to about 24°C. I hope all of you are also under more pleasant weather conditions than before.

Today will be short and sweet. I was only able to get into my craft room once this week, and I added the last page to my junk journal that I started in January. Here is my desk this morning:

I am slowly trying to clean out this room, as I hardly have room to move in here! 

The biggest thing that happened this week was that I went from this craft room chair:

to this one!:

I bought it used, and I think the previous owner smoked, so I am in the process of getting rid of the smell. Almost gone! My chiropractor wanted me to switch, but this chair takes up a lot of room!

Next week I am hoping to share my completed junk journal with a video. I can make the video, but how do I get it on my blog? Do I have to post it to You Tube first? I know some of you do this, please give me some tips! Thanks!

Leaving you with a photo of nimble Mittsy patrolling the porch for pesky squirrels...

Have a great week! Mittsy and Inky are sending happy meows your way!


Sarah Brennan said...

Meows back to Inky and Mittsy from Jess. The new chair looks rather more comfortable Linda, hope you manage to get rid of the smell. Look forward to seeing the junk journal in its entirety. Can't help with YouTube I'm afraid as I don't do anything but watch videos. Happy WOYWW> Sarah #9

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Linda, yes, post it to You Tube, then when you do the blog post, you can add your video by clicking on the Film clapperboard image next to the Picture image in the Blog post toolbar. Then you add your You Tube link. You can do it straight from your PC, but I've not done that, so don't know how long that takes, etc. Looks a nice comfy new chair, and Mittsy looks like he's having fun! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

Rita said...

Hi Linda. Your desk looks amazing and in Good Working Order. Your chair looks just right for a bit of luxury, pity about the smoke smell. Love your Journal pages, it reminds me I need to do a bit more of mine. Hope you have a Good Week. Hugs Rita xx

Neet said...

I post mine to You Tube first if that is any help. Good luck with it.
What a shame about the smoke smell, nothing worse. I can even tell if someone has been smoking when out shopping and they go past - my nose wrinkles up! Hope the good weather means you can put it outside to get some fresh air and dry off if you wet it at all.
Bet it was a lovely feeling to be doing the last page in your Junk Journal - looks lovely, I like the opening flaps.
Have a good week, Mittsy and Inky too.
Hugs, Neet 1 xx

Helen said...

your new chair looks great - hope you can get rid of the cigarette smell and enjoy it properly! Look forward to seeing the video! Helen #2

glitterandglue said...

Hi Linda. It's good to know your security network is doing its job out there on the porch, isn't it? Goodness - how advanced - a video, then how to get it up on the post - I wouldn't know where to start! But I do know a man who could help... Well done on completing your journal - a real sense of satisfaction, I imagine.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

Julia Dunnit said...

Ha, she really is patrolling isnt she! Who needs a dog! I know what you mean about the chair, it will be so good for you though, and you will eventually get used to it’s size taking up your valuable space. To begin with though, try to remember the back of it...I cant count the number of times I caught edges and corners of piles when I swung around on my big backed chair...carnage and bad language! I cant help with the video thing at all I’m afraid...I expect blogger has instructions somewhere though. I shall look forward to seeing it, it’s definitely something worth sharing, that journal is a work of art -but don't get stressed about it, we can wait!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I have no idea regarding video's sorry Linda I can just about master blogger when it behaves. I bet your junk journal will look amazing on video. Your chair looks a lot more back friendly but you are right they do take up room. I tend to stand and craft more than sit but find my feet fall asleep when i'm in the zone hee hee!!
Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey #14
P.S Mittsy is doing a grand job on patrol..x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Linda! Seems like I haven't visited in ages so thought would pop in to see how Mitsy's doing. She's all grown up! Your new chair will be so much more comfortable and I'm sure the smoke smell will dissipate soon. I can't wait to see your video - you're right, it's best to upload it to YT first and then under the sharing options (just under the screen on the right hand side, click on 'share') choose 'embed' - copy that code and paste it where you want it to appear on your blog - but first change the tab inside your blog post (top left hand corner while editing) from 'compose' to 'html' and paste the code there and then go back to compose mode again to finish up your post. And that's it - your video will be embedded in your post. You can also upload the video directly to Blogger like you would do with a photo, but I think it's better to do it from YT as you get more exposure. Have a good week! zsuzsa #19

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Linda, the new chair looks good and I'm sure you will soon get rid of the smell. The weather has been all over the place here and we've been having lots of rain though it is still quite warm. I'm glad Maisie and Stan can't climb onto fences but they have just as much fun chasing the squirrels around the garden. Have a lovely belated woyww, Angela x15x

Little Dorrit does... said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for popping in to say hello.
Your new chair looks like it will be very comfy!
Amelia #29

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Mittsy is doing a fine job patrolling, because there are no squirrels on site. Your new desk chair looks quite comfy, and know your chiropractor will be glad to know you got it. Happy belated WOYWW!

Shoshi said...

Ahh, I was going to say "the lap of luxury" with your new chair, Linda, but if it's for the good of your back, perhaps not so much luxury as necessary comfort! I have a chair like that in my office and it does take up a lot of room. Your desk looks lovely and busy and I love the look of your journal. Thank you for your comment last week and I'm really sorry for taking so long to visit. Time seems to have passed by so quickly this week. I think I got hidden under a vast pile of veggies. Anyway, I do hope you managed to try Chef AJ's Yummy Sauce - I'd love to know what you thought of it!

Shoshi #18 (#1 this week)