Wednesday, March 07, 2018

WOYWW #457

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

I missed last week! Aaack! I'm not sure what happened, I had my pictures all ready to go, and I was invited to breakfast on Wednesday morning - who could turn that down? Then to lunch with my Mom afterwards (to the restaurant next door to the one I had breakfast in!), then I was going to go to the gym, but I stopped by the store where I work for a minute to pick something up, and they asked if I could work that night, of course I said yes, and by the time I got home at 10pm I was zonked. Then I had to work the next two mornings in a row, so WOYWW kind of got lost! But nothing has changed since last week, I have not had the time to get to my stamping room, so here's last week's (and this week's) desk:

I'm going to be giving a free Art Journaling class to a group of women living in a shelter that is run by my ex-sister-in-law, so I've been preparing for that. Tomorrow I'm going to have a test run with a friend who is visiting me from Niagara Falls for the week.

 This is my latest journal page in response to the Florida shooting.

 That's it for me and Inky this week, short and sweet as my friend is staying until Friday. Today we went to our local art museum and had a great time, and we had  lunch at a very "folksy" restaurant. 

Have a great week!


glitterandglue said...

Hi Linda. Have a great deal of fun with your friend visiting. Hope the session goes well at the weekend.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

Helen said...

glad to see you back, and hope your art journal class goes well. Helen #1

Heather M said...

Hi Linda, I know what you mean about time just flying by! Glad to see you back this week. Hope the art journal class is fun. Have a lovely week Heather x #13

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Pleased you made it today. Great journal page. Have a good woyww and a lovely creative week, Angela x18x

April said...

You have been a busy girl. Love the Inky picture. :-)
April #34

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Linda, had to go back and re read the last bit as I initially read it as you and Inky going out to the museum and restaurant lol. Hope all goes well with your journaling class. Meow to Inky. Sarah #7

Julia Dunnit said...

A friend visiting from Niagara! crikey, it makes me smile when you think of the numbers that go to Niagara not away from! Hope you have a fun visit, and the journal class goes really well. Really impress3 that’s after two weeks you e still got clean water in the pot...a sure sign that you’ve been too busy to get to your desk!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I bet you regretted stopping by the store LOL! I would have lied and told them I had something important to do. I missed a few WOYWW's too and I know how things can conspire against us even when we have the best of intentions. Awesome journal page and loving that selfie with Inky! How exciting that you're going to teach a class and for such a good cause as well! Tell us all about it next time. Enjoy your Sunday! zsuzsa #9