Wednesday, September 13, 2017

WOYWW #432

 Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!  

Whovever sent the lovely sunny weather with no rain - thank you! It's finally warming up again and we are getting gorgeous late summer days!

Here is my desk this morning - I never change anything when I take my pic on Wednesday morning, and usually have forgotten what my desk looks like when I walk in! Here it is, just click on the photos, all explained on the photos:

I have been playing with the mop up paper towel from a few weeks ago. I decided to photocopy it!

This one I added some Oxide Distress ink to
My last journal page, using the tissue paper technique:
And if you haven't quite gotten pic overload, here is my September garden~
I'm glad I planted these impatiens in the pots, worked very well!

 I cut down all my geraniums in August when it was looking ratty, and now look!

This perennial bed is looking a little scruffy, that's because I need to get in there and trim off dead flowers and weed! But otherwise I'm very happy with it - I even have a poppy bloom!
Here's to a lovely week 3 of September (isn't it going by fast?) 
one of my canvases!

Inky is surveying her territory, so I will say "bye!" and have a wonderful week!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hiya! I loved seeing all your pics today - your desk makes me smile, the labelling really adds to the interest! Those new dies are fabulous, the mandala one especially caught my eye (ageing hippy, you see!). Isn't it incredible how you can cut plants back hard and they flower for a second time? Delphiniums do it too :-D
Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Loving the new stencils. Your garden is looking glorious. We have lots of leaves to clear up after a storm last night (when I say we - it will actually be me, as hubby never does any gardening!). Ali x #7

Sarah Brennan said...

Glad the good weather we sent you from the UK in July finally arrived lol. I use paper towel mop ups a great deal but had never thought of photocopying them; thanks for the tip. Meow to Inky, he looks like he's enjoying that beautiful garden of yours. Happy WOYWW Sarah #26

Helen said...

I've been off work this week on holiday and today was the only day we had the "promised" rain - luckily I was able to take cover... I love your cards and tags, the stencils are FAB!! Helen #1

Stacy Sheldon said...

Ooh fun stencils followed you home. :) and your blooms look happy too! ~Stacy #33

glitterandglue said...

Hi Linda. Thanks for the visit and kind comments. Love the new stencils - it's incredible how these things leap into your basket, isn't it? Same happens here in Wales. Can't understand it...
Your tags are lovely - using everything - great idea.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Heather M said...

Hi Lindart. Lots of colour in your photos. The mop up paper towel looks very impressive as a photocopy. Have a lovely week, Heather #30

Shoshi said...

What gorgeous photos, Linda, and isn't Inky looking lovely and glossy! Her coat is beautiful. I love your new stash, and your fabulous pages, and your beautiful garden. What a good idea to photocopy your mop-up sheets - I've never thought of that! I keep all my kitchen roll sheets that I've used for mopping up and they are great to use in projects. How did you get your ribbon to curl like that? So pretty! Thank you for your lovely comment, and I felt awful not putting any kitten photos on this week - I didn't realise till it was too late that I hadn't actually taken any! Shows how busy and tired I've been lately... so glad you like my latest efforts in the studio, and I'm rather satisfied with my mop-up sheets too lol! Have to decide how to use them. They are very small. Keep up the good work with the diet - as you say, the final few pounds are always the most difficult to shift. I've discovered some new really good low calorie recipes and am going all out on those - really tasty and satisfying so you don't really feel you're dieting at all!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #35

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Now that's one busy post Linda. I especially love those new stencils, gorgeous. Have a great woyww and happy crafting. Thanks for the visit to mine too, Angela x16x

Neet said...

Lovely garden pictures Linda. Nice new stash, love those stencils - I have similar ones to the first two from the left and love them both.
What a great idea to photocopy a mop up towel - must try to remember that one.
Tickles to Inky
Hugs, Neet 10 xx

Sue said...

Linda, Loving the stencils and tags.

Your flowers are pretty.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #21

BJ said...

Oh just so much to comment on, where shall I start??? First up, love how you show your desk AS IT IS. I have the cell stencil it is very useful. Photocopying your mop up sheet, BRILLIANT idea, love the effect it gives without using the original which would be difficult to stick etc. Adore your "believe in your dreams" tag, just my colours, scrumptious. Such a pretty garden too. Thanks for the visit. BJ#8

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Linda, and hugs to Inky. Love the projects,and what a great idea to photocopy the mop up paper.Your garden is still looking good, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

Marit said...

Oh, so much eye-candy on your blog today! I love that tissue paper and the photocopy of it, I had the idea of copying my own journal pages and work in a different way on it but I forgot (I should jot down those ideas of mine!) YOu just remembered me! The garden looks beautiful... I don't have a garden anymore but try to make the best out of my balcony-space. Flowers makes us happy isn't it?! Thanks also for the tips on 'hidden journaling', yes I know a lot (all?) the ways to 'hide' journaling but still it's hard to find the balance... Thanks for visiting me earlier, hug from cold, rainy and windy Holland, Marit #25

May said...

I love a wee look round the pound store as we call it across the pond... Gorgeous creations on your post today Love the tags and your journal pages... who would have thought to use the mop up sheet and photocopy it .. great idea... Love the look of your new stencils.. Love your canvas too... I see wee inky is on garden inspection duties... Have a happy week ahead.... May#15

Cardarian said...

Hi Linda!
I like your use of a the paper towel! And a good idea to photocopy it and use it like that! I have so many of them in the bin should have used them!
I did not put my guests on a couch and drive them around on a truck! It was a typo and it was a coach or bus. :-)
Have a lovely crafty week!

Dorlene Durham said...

Great photos of your work and your garden. I love the stencils you showed. So fun! Have a great week. Dorlene #32

Annie Claxton said...

Hi Linda! Your desk just makes me want to jump into the pic and have a good old rummage about! Gorgeous new stencils and I LOVE that idea of photocopying the mop-up, definitely going to be copying that :o) Annie C #17

Unknown said...

I was sure I left a comment on Wednesday. Usually the pc is preferred and I am again on iPad that seems to march to it' s own band. Ah well. Inky is his usual handsome self and you have a wonderful inspiring good ies on yourdesk.
Have a good week

Kyla said...

ooh some good new stash there, especially like the new stencils.
Love the idea of photocopying a mop up sheet-brilliant idea!

Thanks for visiting my desk already
Kyla #19

Sarah said...

I love your tags - such lovely work and the garden is looking beautiful - Hugs Sarah x x x #34