Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WOYWW #411

Another Wednesday, time to peek at each others desks and projects! If you want to know what WOYWW is, just go to  and all will be revealed!

I missed last week, dear deskers, because I was very sick, but I'm all better now! I haven't had a bad cold in years, and boom! I was hit with one last week. Sore throat, Laryngitis, stuffed/runny nose, weepy eyes, coughing and sneezing - over and over! I went through a whole box of Kleenex in one day! But I binge watched Netflix, all of The Last Kingdom (thankfully more episodes are coming), Shetland, Dicte, and Marcella. I recommend all of them - the last 3 are detective type stories. But I started a project called The Hundred Day Project, so got a couple of index cards done during that time.

Here is my desk this morning:

As you can see, I have started unmounting my letter stamps. I was wary of how I was going to do this, because of so many tiny stamps, but I had an "aha!" moment and worked it out!

Here is the binder with the stamps:

As I mentioned above, I started working on a new project called The Hundred Days Project, which is making art everyday for 100 days. I chose to do mine on index card separators, which have the little tab at the top. They are very sturdy as well. Here are the first eleven:

These are fun, and don't take too long to make! #2 and #5 have images taken from an art calendar. The portrait on #5 is by Van Gogh, not me! #3 was done when I was watching the last Kingdom, all about the Vikings! I also write on the backs of some of them.

Well, that's it for today, Inky is outside enjoying the Spring weather, although it is a bit miserable and rainy today.

I am now off to visit your lovely desks! Thanks for visiting mine!



buterfliecrafter said...

Hello Linda,
we are so alike, I was also very sick last week.
I am also organizing my stamps, was planning on unmounting my stamps but am not sure anymore after a lot of comments on this.
And great looking indexcards, and yes I will be revisiting my backgrounds and finish them off. Happy WOYWW, Vicky

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Linda, love your art pieces. I recognise the stamps on Day 3- I have that set from Non Sequiteur. Very busy desk! Inky looks like he has his eye on something, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX

lilian said...

hello Linda, great busy desk you have there, Loving the art work,
Happy WOYWDW Lilian B #34

Sarah Brennan said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Spring and Summer colds always seem worse than Winter ones somehow. Love your idea of using index cards for the 100 days project. I have seen other people mention it too. One of these days I might give it a try but with tags. I have enough blanks to keep me going throughout lol. Sarah #11

Sue said...

Hi Linda, Loving the index cards.

I have been watching The Last Kingdom on BBC2. Also Vikings on Blaze. Still got the last two episodes of the series to watch, that I have recorded.

Glad you are feeling much better.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #7

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Sorry you were so poorly but I'm glad you caught up with your box set viewing! I didn't watch Shetland when it was on UK tv but heard it was good. You're the second desker I've seen today who is doing the 100 days's a good way to keep on track!
Hugs, LLJ 1 xx

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Linda, your index cards are so beautiful. Have a good week, Lynne #36

Kathyk said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better this week, glad you were up to joining in the WOYWW hop.

Fab desk and projects and what a lovely array of ATC's too



Bubbles said...

Poor you being so ill! There is a lot of it going around - and this cough/cold seems to be so difficult to shake off. I hope you get back to full health soon.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #27

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Pleased to hear you're feeling better. I was like that and then it came and took ages to clear up. When I was teaching I used to get lots of cold from the children but they never lasted long whereas this one was an absolute stinker! Happy crafty week and wishing you a lovely woyww, Angela x16x

Helen said...

the best way to spend sick time is binge watching tv! glad you're on the mend and still unmounting your stamps! Helen #3

Diana Taylor said...

Love your index cards - they are fab. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly, horrid isn't it, but glad you are now on the mend and creating. Hope you have a better week this week,
Diana #6

sandra de said...

Love love love those index art cards. How sensible to do that size it makes 100 days of art achievable. You will have a great index set of different techniques. Hope you are on the road to recovery.
Gorgeous kitty.
sandra de @10

lisa said...

Sorry to hear you were poorly last week but glad you are all better now. What would we do without box sets when we are under the weather!!!!
Love your art cards, they are gorgeous. You will have a lovely collection at the end of the challenge.
Thanks for visiting already
Hugs Lisax #12

Marit said...

I've been ill with a bad cold/the flu last month, and it's such a nasty virus... I, too, hadn't been ill for years and it hit me hard, in fact, I still have some 'left over' issues (a stuffy nose - is that the right phrase? - in the morning) and it's been 6 weeks now! When I felt really bad, binch watching was what I did too all day! (Wallander - a Swedish crime series.) I'm glad you feel much better so soon and that you're back to creativity! Thanks for visiting my blog, I send you extra sunshine from the Netherlands to kill the bacteries completely ;) and a big hug, Marit #20

Neet said...

Sorry to hear you were ill last week, nothing worse than a cold and you sound to have had a bad one. Nothing except an upset tummy which is where I have been today. Had to miss my physio which was upsetting as I am feeling a real benefit from it.
Never done Index cards, must have a closer look at what is involved, yours look so interesting. I think I would enjoy doing them.
Say hello to Inky from me.
Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me,
Neet 22 xx

Stacy Sheldon said...

I am glad to read you are feeling better this week :)
and the dividers look neat with cheery colors. I have done Rolodex cards altered so, it made me curious about what you were going to put the dividers into later. (container I guess)
Thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #32

Shoshi said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly - so miserable to have a heavy cold like that! Hope you are now feeling a lot better. Inky is enjoying the spring, I can see! Our 2 have been shut in the bathroom all day for 3 days because of the work being done in the kitchen and they are not impressed! Very happy to be out again now, though! I am so delighted that the dry rot problem has now been sorted, and we look forward to the creation of our wonderful new pantry!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #44

RosA said...

I do like your art every day project! I suppose you could do the same with ATCs. Much easier to actually accomplish something every day like that! Have a good week.

BJ said...

Adore all your index cards, hope you manage the 100 days. BJ#3 thanks for the visit, made my first flat jellyfish yesterday, might have to keep him as he is a bit wonky. They sure hurt your hands to make but are so cute.

Anne said...

Hi there, sorry to read you have been poorly. Looks like you have been/ are very busy as well. Love your art work on the index cards. Thanks for popping by. Anne x #21

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Ah glad you're up,and doing crafty things again Linda, keep well and fun on sorting, need some here.
Thanks for sharing your desk!
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Sharon Madson said...

So sorry that you have been ill, but it sounds, and looks like you were still productive! I am really liking your art cards, and such a variety, so far. Kudos to you for unmounting tour letters. I am un mounting my wood mounted stamps, and it is quite a job. I hadn't even considered my alphabet stamps, yet! I have a whole drawer full of them. Oh, well. Thank you so much for stopping by to see me earlier. #38