Sunday, February 05, 2017

Twelve Years!! 2005-2017

It's been 12 years today since I started this blog! I feel like I've been blogging forever! I thought for this special day I would show something from each of those 12 years:


My journaling style was so different back then - looking at it now, I really like it! So different from what I do now.



  And I was doing more drawing too!




Remember 3X3's? This was for a swap, something I almost never do now, but did a lot of in 2007. There are lots of swap things in this year.


Christmas card!


Moo cards!


Postcards made from bar coasters! And lots more things I made and sent off into the world.


 Journal page!






 Journal page



 Journal page 


Journal page - I really liked this long journal, haven't been able to find one since

Joined WOYWW on August 1, 2012. For some reason I wasn't writing the number yet, so I don't know what day I started on!


My desk hasn't changed much!



 unfinished project I found - my Alphabet Quote Book

journal page



 The last time I organized my stamps


 Did a lot of Zentangling!



Well, this was just last year!


 So, there were bits from the last 12 years! If you want to see more of any of those years, just go to the archive on the sidebar. It was fun looking back. So many pieces I had totally forgotten about, that had been sent off to someone far away. And I saw a project in there I haven't finished yet - so I should do that!

Inky arrived in 2013, such a little thing back then! Still cuter than ever now!

 Thanks for visiting! See you on Wednesday!



Anne said...

Happy 12th Birthday! How wonderful to celbrate with your artwork from over the years! Great stuff! Congratulations and let's see what the next 12 years bring!!!!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, you've been doing this for a long time, Linda! I didn't even know about art journalling until 2014! Now I feel like I've been missing out! Amazing pages - I really like them! It's fun to see Inky when he was little - they grow up so quickly! Happy 12th Anniversary! My blog is only 2 years old! You're a whole decade ahead of me LOL!

LuLu said...

Congrats on 12 years! I really enjoy your work - glad I found your blog!

Here are some long sketchbooks you can convert to AJs (by glue laminating pages back to back).

Thanks for visitng my blog for WOYWW.