Wednesday, February 03, 2016

WOYWW #348

Welcome back to What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! If you don't know what this is, please click on the WOYWW icon in my sidebar!

I have good news and bad news. Bad news first - I lost my job of 5 months - no warning, no reason, just pack up your stuff and leave. I was devastated.  More bad news - I switched to Windows 10. BIG mistake. Nothing works right anymore, I have to reboot regularly, wish I never did it. Things I was doing before, with ease, either gone or much more difficult.

OK, now for the good news! LOTS more time to spend in my craft room! Not sure if I will look for a new job or not. It really bit into my stamping time, actually practically killed it, I was so tired all the time. Thinking of giving classes, maybe at Michael's? Any advice, personal stories around teaching stamping, is welcome!

And MORE good news - This blog will be ELEVEN years old on Friday! Amazing!!!!

Here is my desk today - actually room to work this time!

I've been taking an online class called Radiant Stamping Techniques from  Craftsy, a fun class, re-learning things I already know, with extra tips I didn't know! So I have made 5 new cards using some of the techniques:

1-background stamps, embossing, and metallic pigment ink

2- Smooshing 2 colors of Distress Ink  The trees were a BDay present from DD - Tim Holtz if you can believe it!

3- Distress Ink - 3 colors, die cut center, with stamps inside. It was tricky lining up the butterflies to match the holes, second try was on the orange panel, which I like better anyway!

4- Same technique as above, but I cut out the butterfly and popped it a bit

5- Tim Holtz birds! My DD gave them to me for my Birthday (OK- I asked for them!) I have very few "cute" stamps, a couple of House Mouse stamps, and now these (aside from my VLV grab bag stamps!) The words came from VLV. The technique is the same as Card 1

Two more cards (WOW! I'm on a roll!)

This one was for my Step-Father's Birthday. . .I used TH paper for this one, and his booklet of words

And this one for my DD and her BF, made with the stamps he gave me for Christmas. . . TH stamps, some background paper from Michael's, and TH words

That's all for today! Don't forget to leave me comments about any advice to give regarding giving stamping lessons - I'm open to ideas! Thank for visiting!


Sue Jones said...

Aww Linda, SO sorry to hear your bad news glad that you can see the silver lining though. You have been so busy and such fun to try new things. I love all your cards. Have a good week Soojay xx

Unknown said...

Well that sorry. But I love your attitude--more time in the craft room. Yay! It is a struggle to keep your energy up when you have a full-time job. I work at a university, and I do get a lot of days off, and that really really helps. So best wishes in whichever way you decide to go. Do you ever watch Lindsay the Frugal Crafter on YouTube? She has a lot of great advice if you want to teach classes. Look at her art marketing playlist. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #44

Jacki Daniels said...

Sorry to hear about your job but it's great that you can craft more (I like your thinking) great makes too

Robyn said...

Oh Linda! all I can say is thank god(dess) for our art! I've been underemployed now for so long it seems normal. All shall be well(easy for me to say. Classes- hard to fill at Michaels- we should chat sometime.
Blessings to you
Robyn 58

Sharon said...

Sorry about your job! What a horrible thing to happen. I gave mine up - mainly so I could go spend time with my Mum who was recovering from cancer. It's the best thing I could have done. Don't regret it. I haven't applied for one - I quit mine in May. It takes a bit of adjusting but we don't miss the money as much as I thought we would.

I love all your cards. They are wonderful. I haven't had any experience at Michaels but I wish they would do some card classes. You should check it out!

Take care
Sharon k #45

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wow! 11 years. That's quite an achievement. I didn't even know that blogs existed way back then. Feel free to email me if you want to chat about classes. You are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't answer your comment directly. angelfishcrafts {at} gmail {dot} com

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. Boo about losing your job, but it may be just what you need to push you into doing something that makes your heart sing. Definitely look into teaching stamping. Your cards are fab. Re. Windows 10. I must have been lucky, as I was one of the first to update to it - and, apart from having regular updating occurring, there have been no issues at all. Ali x #64 ps Happy 11th Blogaversary.

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Linda, Happy WOYWW. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the motivational comments you left, re: PT. I hope that your Mum will be on the mend soon. I am sorry to hear about your job, it's happened to me before in the same way and it's a bit of a shock at first, but you recover fast. Good news on the free time. I adore your cards and all the new techniques, the one with the tress is freaking stunning!! Cx #53

Erica XOXO said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your job AND your Windows computer. That is why I only use Apple products. :-) Lovely creations!! #4

Kyla said...

Oh I am sorry you have some ups and downs recently.
On the plus side....11 years of the blog, wow that is to be celebrated.

Thanks for visiting my desk already

Beverley Baird said...

So sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully teaching will work out - I applied to an art summer school a number of years ago and taught a week course. Loved it.I finally put windows 10 on as well and have had nothing but trouble. Even lost one of my fav. games (lol!) Such lovely cards - the recipients are going to love them. Happy WOYWW - thanks for stopping by!

Neet said...

leet's hope that out of the bad news comes a whole new career. Go for it and plan plan plan. I think the secret to a successful workshop is in the planning, Make sure you have covered all eventualities and remember to go at the pace suited to the beginner until you get into it. Perhaps watching a few You Tube videos and seeing how others pith their teaching will help.
Good uk anyway.
Hugs, Neet 34 xx

PaperOcotilloStudio said...

Lovely cards! Thanks for stopping by mine desk and sorry I am so far behind. I have no advice on how to get a teaching job (which I probably should do) I taught stamping out of my home with Stampin' Up! for 10 years..but that was a independant contractor type thing. Now I would rather teach mixed media!
ShelC/PaperOcotilloStudio #48

trisha too said...

How how HOW did I miss stopping by to see you last week? I saw your name in the comments, and was all excited to see you--one of those, "HEY! I know her!!!"

Well rats about the job. There must be something better coming up.

Your cards are beautiful!!!!