Sunday, August 09, 2015


I have made 2 cards for my monthly CST card swap, both were inspired by a card I found in a June 2013 Stamper's Sampler magazine. The cards in the magazine were made by Rene Zerate. It's why we buy the magazines, right? I flip through my huge stash when I need some inspiration, and find a card I like. Then I make it my own, taking the elements of the card I liked. Here is Rene's card:

I liked the black borders, and the text background. Here are my cards:

In the first card, I had this stamp of a woman who could either be singing, or screaming for her life! She looks like she is singing opera in this card! The words "sing" and "peace" are from a set of fridge magnets - fridge magnet poetry I think it was called. In the second card, I used book text as the background, and a day after I made the card I read the text beside the word "peace". It says: " I will allow "peace". How's that for serindipity! I hope the 2 ladies getting these cards will like them!

Thanks for looking!

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Therese said...

Great looking cards!! Very artsy - just like you!!!