Wednesday, June 03, 2015

WOYWW #313

Today is Wednesday again, if you would like to know what WOYWW is, just go to Julia's blog to find out!

I have actually been pretty busy lately, as my messy desk can testify - time to do another cleaning up!

I've been sending out a few ATCs. you can see my ATC stamp on the table, and working on my journal - you can see my latest start, up top with the mouse pad on it - I hate it. I am not good with Dylusions sprays yet, they just don't work for me like they do Diane! I'm still searching for the perfect paper I think. The blue spray bled through the pages, and onto my previous journal page through gesso! AAAHHH! But I fixed it:

You can hardly see the blue anymore. This is in Donna Downey's journal, I like the inserts, they add some movement and mystery to the pages!

I have also joined a new challenge call I-CAD or Index card a Day, where we make one index card a day, following her prompts or not, doesn't matter. What it DOES do, is get me into my stamping room every day! It goes for 2 months. Here is my i-cad box:

And my i-cads so far:

Prompt: Chevron

 Prompt: Carnival

I chose to use the cards with the tabs because they are more sturdy than the regular index cards, and there are no lines. I'm writing on the back how I did the card.
Just one more thing - I received a beautiful postcard and ATC from a fellow WOYWWer, Diane. Diane,  yours was posted yesterday!

I love the crackles on the ATC! And all the layering on the postcard! Thanks so much Diane!

Thanks for visiting! And as always, your comments make my day! 


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Lindart, I'm totally with you on sprays. Everyone else seems to get the most awesome blends- mine end up looking like an explosion in a paint factory!I had one of Dianes ATC's too- isn't the cracked glass beautiful? Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #9 xx

Jac said...

What a fab desk, love all the inky ness here, great idea about the index card,

Thanks for the snoop
N0 24

Unknown said...

Hi I have had Dylusions sprays for about too years and am too scared to get them out of the box anymore because I just can't do it! I was once working on a journal page and accidentally sprayed red all over a finished wedding album I had been working on for ages! I cried for 3 days! I am determind to persevere tho because they weren't cheap. Good luck


Lynda B 10

Julia Dunnit said...

I love the Idea of the Icad, but just know even two months...too long for me, I get so lazy, so am full of admiration at your brilliant start. I haven't got any of Dyans sprays....if I use more than one of any colour it all ends up looking like a muddy puddle...I think your tenacity in playing is to be applauded..your journal page looks totally unscathed -Andy is gorgeous by the way!

Helen said...

Your journal looks fabulous, and so does your ICAD box.. good luck keeping up with it! Hope you get the hang of your Dylusions - they do tend to bleed through lots of surfaces, I only tend to use mine in Dyan's journal, where the pages are very thick! Have a great week. Helen 3

Unknown said...

I am doing the ICAD, even using the same index cards! I laughed when I saw yours. I have a huge box of them found when cleaning out the classroom I moved into which was a hoarders nightmare. Love your journal page, you did a great job. Thank you ever so much for what you said about my ATC's I truly thought they were too simple for such a big event thus creating the cards.

Lisca said...

I love the journal pages ou showed, especially with the inserts. I also like the ATC you received with the crackles.
Spray inks/paints? I have a few but like you I don't really know how to use them and avoid using them as they usually ruin my page....
Thank you for your visit and your kind birthday wishes for my mum. Her birthday was today and she's had a lovely day.
Have a good week,

Unknown said...

Wow! Those are so cute. They make me smile, but I know that I can't wander down that path of wanting to create cards again. One must limit ones hobbies. Extensively.

I'm writing again, and happy about it. Sending you a quick note because you were one of the few that commented on my last few posts.

Tracy Crawford, Director
Roots N Wings Montessori School