Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WOYWW #284

I've missed so many WOYWW (see paisley button on sidebar for more info) since my accident in August, but I'm happy to say I'm back! I've been working hard on Christmas cards all October and November, something I've NEVER done before! I usually start Christmas cards a few days before Christmas! Now I'm all ready to send them - that will be the test - will they really actually make it to the mailbox?

Here was my uncommonly clean desk this morning:
You can see my new bird stamp I got at Micheal's at a 2 for 1 sale on stamps - who can pass that up! Below are my Christmas Cards,
I was greatly influenced by Hermine who really got my card making Mojo going!
Here is the card I made with my new HA stamp:

I also discovered (during the last few months) a new way to store my Distress Inks- in a single layer in a plastic 3-D frame (I used to have my stamps in these). I have 4 of these full of Distress Inks. On the back of each is a distress pad, one for each color, velcroed to the bottom, and the distress ink tool is velcroed to the shelf for easy use. I got this idea from an art journalist called Aaron (watch his You Tube videos called Imperfect Impulse), who in turn got it from someone else.
Well, that's all for now! If you want to see my last journal pages for Journal #12, go back one post! Thanks for looking!


Stacy Sheldon said...

I have those same tray's filled with stamps and so that is cool to see the velcro on the bottoms of the pads. I love that you did that bird in Red too! :) ~Stacy #65

voodoo vixen said...

Wowzer, well done on the Christmas cards, that is quite the achievement whilst the rest of us hum and har over what stamp set to use!! LOL Nice tip on storing the stamp pads too... will put velcro on my list of things to get! Annette #31

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I don't do Christmas cards - I just buy them!. Well done you for completing yours! They seem to be all different as well! The only way I can see myself doing Christmas cards is to make one and digitally duplicate it. I might actually try that! Great way to store your ink pads! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #33

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Every problem has a silver lining, doesn't it and you have had more time to make your Christmas cards because of an accident. I do like the range of cards you've made, there's something for everybody there!
Hugs, LLJ 32 xx

Shoshi said...

Well done with all your cards. I'm glad you've found a satisfactory solution for your distress ink pad storage. I am still hoping to make a carousel for mine.

Thanks for your visit and your nice comment - glad you like my album. Only one section is on Scotland - the rest is covering the whole of my late father's life, professional life and interests. Still a huge amount of work to do but I'm so enjoying doing it!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #41

Helen said...

wow, all ready to post?! well done, but sorry you had to have an accident to give yourself the free time to do so!! Good to see you back. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the installation. Helen 3

Lizzie said...

That is Such a clever idea for storing your inks! I only have a few, so I'll leave them as they are - but if I ever need a better solution...

The Christmas cards are fun - quite unusual and colourful. I hope they do make it into the mail - they deserve to be appreciated!

Thanks for visiting me at my LizzieMade blog - I hope you'll come again.

Laura said...

Love that bird stamp!
Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

Chrysalis said...

What a lovely collection of cards, and well done on having them all finished. A lovely clear desk to start another project or three! I hope that being able to make them all means that you are fully recovered from the accident. Welcome back to WOYWW, and have a great week, Chris # 7

Angie said...

Way to go! Funny I've been storing my Distress inks like that too, well not in the frame but with the sponge thing on the underside. They just seem to tip and rock if you try to stack though! Thanks for popping over!
Angie #53

RosA said...

You've made some lovely Christmas cards! I must get a start on mine :)
Have a good week.

April said...

Such a cute birdie. I do the same thing with my distress ink pads. :-) April #68

Lisca said...

What a good idea to store your distress stamps. I only have three so it's not a problem although I'd love to order some more....
That birdie stamp is gorgeous.
Well done you for doing all your cards!
Have a good week,
Sorry I’m late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)

okienurse said...

great idea of the inks and sponges. I am still using the old metal Tim Holtz ink case even though it has come off its hinges. Love all the cards you had made! Thanks for coming and visiting my desk this week. I am so late getting around but it seems something always gets in my way of desk hopping! Have a great rest of the week. Vickie #43

Anonymous said...

What a fab array of cards! Love storage tips too - I get all my best storage tips from WOYWW :)

Number only verification has returned so I'm jumping on it!

Happy (late but determined to finish) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)