Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Happy April! Today is Wednesday, so it's What's On Your Workspace Wednesday! Just go HERE to see what this is all about!

The truth is, peeps, I really didn't do much this week in my room as you can see by this photo:

not much happening! But I did start on a card:

 The bling is floating around because I haven't stuck them down yet!

But here is what I finally did do this week:

My mounted stamps are all organized into boxes like this:

which is fine. And they are numbered. I have pictures of them all in a giant binder that is rather cumbersome, so if I want to look at the stamps I can, without taking them all out of the box.

I also have my unmounted stamps organized into envelopes like this: 

All this was working fine, except I got new unmounted stamps, and realized that this way of sorting them (by company) was just not working - I still couldn't find anything and had to go through the giant book everytime I needed to find a stamp.

I realized I really don't need to look through the giant book each time, AND I don't need to store my UMs by company. So my UMs are now sorted by number, much easier to add new stamps, and I have made a MASTER LIST for all my stamps - because I can skim over words much easier than hefting the giant book.

Here is my master List for my Mounted Stamps. . .

Which shows the number of the stamp, the name, the description, and location. So I have 1347 stamps so far (mounted). My Unmounted List is waiting to be printed, but when you think that each unmounted set has from 1-20 stamps on it, and my last number is 1545, there are a few more stamps that that! I think I will like this much more than hefting the BIG BOOK, and I will only really need to use it if I can't remember the stamp from the description.

So now that I've wowed you with my organization, I feel my desk can be as messy as it wants to be!

Hopefully, I can show you a very messy desk next week!


Julia Dunnit said...

No wonder you haven't got to actually making much this last week! Great way to store and record the clear and has foxed me for ages and I don't use them much because if it,,,you genius you!!

Unknown said...

Boy, have you been busy! Just boggles the mind! Happy WOYWW and thanks for popping by!
Carol N #25

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! That organisation is impressive! You obviously have a very large collection of stamps!!!!!! Chris96

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You must have spent ages organising all this! I must say there are times when I get very frustrated because I can't find things and for your own sanity you have to stop and spend some time reorganising things. Happy crafting, Angela #27

Eliza said...

That is so much work, take it from someone who has hers catalogued. I have done mine as individual stamps which are numbered into CD boxes which hold more than one stamp in most cases. All the stamps are catalogued under categories, like leaves, flowers, people, transportation etc. It has worked this way for light years now. I have a draw or new stuff to finish but hey DeDe also did her like that coz mine worked so well. When the catalogue is open the stamped image is there at a glance so you know it's size etc and the details of it's origin is also there. Mind you some are so old that I can't remember who the manufacturer is, but most likely they are now deleted or gone out of business. Yes I still have the first stamp I purchased and still love it. Funny that.

I am still surprised at how much you have achieved in one week. Good for you. I think you have the cataloguing bug LOL. Careful it doesn't stop there with the stamps.

Hope you do get some crafting done this week and thanks for visiting.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 36

VonnyK said...

Wow, that is really something. No wonder you didn't do much crafting. Now you've had practice can you come to my place and have a go at my mess. It may take a little longer than a week though.
Have fun.
Von #48

Chrysalis said...

Wow - impressive! What a great way to store your stamps. And you have so many, you lucky thing! Have a great week, playing with them. Chris 53 x

Jackie said...

A lady after my own heart with your stamps... I know how long it takes to catalogue them.... I LOVE your organisation and would love to nose through all your stamps !!!! Sorry for late return visit
Jackie 5